My Half Term

I’ve had a really exciting half term. First I went to a fostering workshop and it was a nature hunt , which was really good. Then it was my dads birthday and we went to Bath for the day shopping. Then ……….. Saturday came which was my birthday. I got lots of presents but best of all mum and dad surprised me and I got tickets to go to the Harry Potter Studios. Even better we were leaving in two hours !!! It was amazing and I got a Harry Potter wand , but the best thing was when we got there they asked if anyone had a birthday, I said YESSSSS and I got to open the doors to the great hall. I can’t wait to see my best friend Jamie because he sent me a birthday text to my mum. Hope you all had a great half term like me.

Hello Everyone at Berkley School

I had a very long journey with Mrs Hirons going in a car, on a train, then on a coach and then finally an aeroplane. I had lots of sleeps on the plane and we watched lots of movies. Paddington Bear was my favourite and I had ice cream too. We could always see where we were flying on the screen and when we landed there was a camera under the plane to watch the wheels go down.

We went to Hong Kong first and it was very hot and rainy there. We then went to Australia. ┬áIt was very exciting to go to School to get Jack and Ella and see lots of children. We have been to lots of beaches . We went whale and dolphin watching but we didn’t see any . This was at Byron Bay which is the most easterly point of Australia. We went to a place called Paradise point for lunch and when we came out there were about 30 Ferrari cars . I couldn’t choose my favourite.

We then went up the Q1 which is the tallest building on the Goldcoast . The views were amazing ! It has the fastest lift in Australia and you can watch a film of it going up and down while you are in it which is really weird.

We went for a walk in the bush to try and find some of my relatives . We haven’t seen any yet as I think they are hiding at the moment. We will keep kangaroo spotting.

I have been to football matches and netball matches with the children and Jack scored a goal and Ella’s team won 15-3 and she won girl of the match.

We are now off to stay in Brisbane for a few days and then going to Rockhampton where there is a crocodile park . I hope they feed them before I get there !

They are also filming Pirates of the Carribean here at the moment so we are hoping to go and see the film set and see the Pirates.

I hope you have lots of fun on your school trip to the castle and send me lots of questions and messages.

lots of love from

Mrs Hirons and Roo !


Year 3 rugby tournament

On May 20th 2015, 11 year 3 children took part in the annual Frome schools Tag Rugby Tournament, which is usually for year 4 children. The weather was rather chilly yet sunny and much better than the rest of the week. The children all played brilliantly and gave it there all! There were some close matches and they certainly saved the best till he last match where they won 5-2, with tries from Mia, Henry, Billy, Rowan and Katie. All the parents and Miss P cheered and shouted encouragement throughout while Mr Groves did super coaching, subbing and gave the children great advice.
Thank you to all who took part. The children represented Berkley brilliantly! Next year the children will be challenging for the title! Come on Berkley!

Literacy story walks with iPads

Today the children in Badgers and Owls have had a lot of fun finding out parts to a story using GPS on an ipad and the having to solve lots of riddles!

They then created their own in groups, and shared their riddles with each other.

Here are some pictures of the day!

Miss Pennington and Mrs Langton
Badgers and Owls