On Tuesday we went to London. When we got there we went to a restaurant called Zizzi’s by the river Thames. On Wednesday we went to the Transport museum and after we went to the theatre to see Horrible Histories. I bought a box of stickers and a jumbo pencil. On Thursday we went to the Tower of London, we saw the crown jewels.

My camping trip to wales!


In the holidays i went to wales to go camping with my Mum,Dad,Freddie and Ava.

the company was called “parkdean” we have been there before with my Nan and Grandad we rate it 10/10

we stayed in a caravan that was already there but it wasn’t one that you tow or drive so we stayed in one of those it was nice and cosy to.

parkdean is Ava first holiday we cant tell but we think she enjoyed it!

The drive was 4 hours but it was worth it.

We loved the entertainment at night and on one night we stayed up to play bingo we nearly won £199 but somebody else had more bingo numbers on there’s but we had fun!



This week

On Tuesday we came home from Greece.  I went to sleep in the car half way through the journey home it was 2am. When we woke up later on we went to my Nana’s for breakfast.  On Thursday we went to look for Shaun the sheep in Bristol, we found 13.  Here are some pictures of my holiday.


It is very hot today because we are in Corfu and it’s about 35 degrees!!! I will put some pictures on another blog when we get home. We have a villa and a swimming pool.

Cricket camp

On Monday  I went to cricket camp and it was pouring with rain, eventually it got a bit sunny.  When it was raining we had to go outside otherwise we would have missed all of our cricket time.

On Thursday Tyler came to play, we played in our den.  We watched Home on DVD and played with my hot wheels.

On Friday I went to Art camp. We made our own t-shirts and did splatter painting.

Poor birdie

When I was  sitting in the conservatory I saw a baby bird flying in the garden. It flew into the window.I ran over to Mummy and said MUMMY THERE IS A BABY BIRD THAT HAS FLEW INTO THE WINDOW!!!!!!!!So Mummy said to go and tell Daddy.I told Daddy so he got into his clothes because he was still in his pj’s. Daddy went outside and said to me and Rosie don’t come outside because we could scare the bird. Daddy came back and said can you see all those birds that are looking all over him if I go and bring him in to rescue him all those birds will get angry so we left him for a bit. Then we went outside again and Daddy moved him gently. Rosie said can we take him to the vets. Nooo we all shouted!!!!!! Daddy moved the hose then he flew away, back to his family.