Longleat Lights

On Saturday we went to see the festival of light at Longleat. It was very busy and we had to wait a long time to get in.

We went to the cafe first for a drink and cake. We walked around the lights my favourite was the dragon boat.

We saw Mrs Jeffery and Mrs James as we were going home. When we got home it was very late.

Longleat Dragon Boat


My baby cousin James came over To my house I play with him in our house with his toys and we watch TV with him. He is staying for 2 weeks.

My Christmas by Finley

My Christmas was fun because I had loads of presents. For my Christmas dinner round my Daddy’s I had some turkey, broccoli, roast potatoes and gravy. After that I went round my Mummy’s and had lots of fun playing on my iPad mini. In the evening I played Battleships with my cousin Lily, it was a draw 3/3.

On Boxing Day we went to my Nanna and Grampys, my Uncle was there and they gave us our Christmas presents. We opened them and they were really cool. We then played with their puppies, Dilly and Pickle. They were so cute and fun to play with.

The day after Boxing Day I went to London to visit my Uncle because he is moving to Switzerland, I will miss him but will visit him one day.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Beaus Christmas

For Christmas I got a Lego mammoth. I built it with my Dad and Father Christmas. I also got a Lego Train, an iPad mini, a Hoverball and a spider. In the Christmas Holidays we went to see my Uncle Matthew because he is moving to Switzerland. My cousins came to my house and we played games, my favourite game is Don’t Take Busters Bones.

Best christmas surprise ever

My mummy and daddy surprised me and  my little brother with  a  holiday to disneyland paris!

It was magical. we went on lots of rides! The best ride was a roller coaster!

my favourite part was meeting snow white.

hope you all had a lovely christmas too!

love phoebe

My Christmas Holidays

I went to the cinema to see Star Wars The Force Awakens. My favourite bit was the giant laser.
I went to the pantomime to see Aladdin. The Chinese police were very funny. They squirted us with water.
For Christmas I got a Harry Potter book and the elder wand. I got lots of lego. I got Scorm’s Scorpion Stinger.
After Christmas we went on holiday to Wales. On the beach we found a starfish. I stayed up late and went to watch the fireworks at midnight.

My Christmas holidays.

What a great holiday. It was lots of fun. One of my treat’s was going to see Star Wars. I also went ice skating for the first time. I skated on my own and Tabby went on the seal. It was lots of fun.

Yesterday Carly (my god mother) and Ian came to visit me. Daddy, Ian and I played a cricket game and I won!

Charlies Christmas Holiday

I have been very busy like the elves over the holidays.

I went on a Santa train at longleat all the way to the North Pole to visit santa! The elves and Santa loved my outfit, I was dressed as an elf with my mummy’s crochet elf hat on, there was snow and even a snowman.

My uncle Toby and auntie Alline came for Christmas, and Frankie and Rhys came round on Boxing Day for a sleep over at mummy’s, we made a disco in the lounge and played musical statues and pass the parcel. it was the bestest Christmas ever!

My friends Ellie and Courtney came with me and my mum to watch The good dinosaur at the cinema, i really enjoyed the film, we went to Pizza Hut after!

I also went back to longleat with my nana, grandad and daddy to watch the fireworks! I love the fireworks over longleat.

I hope mrs Matthews and Mrs Raynor had time to use their presents i got them!



Harrison’s Christmas

At Christmas we went to see Santa at Lacock garden centre and he read a story to us. It was called Little snowy bear. After that we chose a present, I chose a Lego F1 set it was cool.

On Christmas Eve we looked out of the window and saw Santa outside. Then he left a present on the door step for us. Mine was a lego submarine which I loved. Christmas morning I got my sack and sat on the end of my Mum and Dad’s bed and opend my present’s. When we came downstairs we saw that Santa had left foot prints on our carpet,Which led to our new park bikes. We had a quick go on them in the house. After we got dressed Nanny and Grandad came round to our house. We had to close our eyes then open them. I had a shock of excitment, we had two football goals in our garden. Later on we went to Auntie Emma’s house for the rest of the day. I had a great Christmas!

I got my ears pierced !!!!!!!

I got my ears pierced !!!

I got my ears pierced on Tuesday !!!! We went to Trowbridge . In the car Eloise and I decided who would get it done first……….. when we got there the lady called my name and I sat up on the chair. I was very scared. The lady gave me a bored with all the earrings I could choose from. I saw some silver studs and I pick them Eloise picked some gold studs. When I got up in the chair they opened a drawer and I saw all the mini guns with the earrings ready on them and so they both got a gun and they counted up to 5 . 1 2 3 4 5  and it was all over. I looked in a mirror and I look really amazing. I can’t wait to go to school on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finlay’s christmas

In the Christmas holidays I went to see Father Christmas at Lacock. We sat on the floor and he read a story to us. On the way home we went to a resteraunt for some dinner.

On Christmas Eve we looked out the window and saw Father Cristmas and he left us some presents. When I woke up in the morning Father Christmas had given me a new park bike. I had a great day.

My Christmas Holidays

This year our Christmas was fantastic because we went to London’s hamleys toy shop which was fantastic! and seen the sights of the city.
I loved my new football boots that I got and I can’t wait to wear them for my next football game. its been really lovely having time off playing with my new things I had for Christmas, BUT I can’t wait to get back to school to see my friends and teachers. I hope you all have had a nice Christmas.

Nativity 3

My uncle got me a dvd called nativity 3. It was epic and amazing. The film was about where Mr Shepherd who lost his memory as an elf kicked him. Mr Poppy and all the children helped get his memory back. My favourite part was when Mr Poppy said he had done a pop pop and the man said what was that, pwor ah so you remember blow-offs. I like Mr Poppy because he is really funny.

My Christmas

On Christmas Day I opened all of my presents.  Uncle James and Auntie Alice had a sleep over at our house for Christmas Day.  We got dressed and I went on my new scooter that has two wheels and a stand.  I had roast for lunch.

Happy holidays

Over the Christmas holidays, we went to see Santa at Wookey hole and had a great time around the caves.
We drove up to London, and walked around Piccadilly and Leicester Square, we had our tea in Jamie Oliver’s restaurant and my ice cream was amazing!!
I have seen lots of my family over the holidays,which has been really good. Father Christmas brought me everything I asked for.

Christmas Day

We had a Christmas log. Uncle James and Auntie Alice came. We opened all of our presents. I had a hamster in a ball. I had a scooter.

Christmas holiday show

We went to Dubai for Christmas and saw real camels on the beach. On Christmas Eve we watched a show on The Walk at Jumeriah Beach. It was a really good show, there was lots of singing and dancing.

Father Christmas delivered presents to us on Christmas day.

On boxing day we went to the Dubai Aquarium. There was a really big fish tank with over 20,000 fish, we had to walk through a tunnel with sharks swimming over our heads.

We did lots of playing on the beach building sand castles and digging holes for my little brother to sit in.

It was nice and warm in Dubai but when we came home it was raining.

Dubai Aquarium



I went to Bath Theatre and saw Jack and the Beanstalk. I found Daisy the cow very funny. She kicked the stool that people sat on to milk her.


I flew to the mountains in Switzerland.

I went to Ski-school and  my teacher was called Max. I love skiing.




One Saturday before Christmas, we went to Creative Aquatic Christmas party.  I won a multi record holder TROPHY!  This means that I was the fastest swimmer at front crawl and back stroke for my age. I am going to bring it into school for show and tell.


On Saturday we went to see Sleeping Beauty. I thought it was good. I really enjoyed the costumes and the singing.

It was great to see Elodie in it and my mums friend Vic was the wicked witch Hazel.


Christmas holidays

On Christmas Day my family came around for lunch we opened our presents it was a blast of a day . On Boxing Day my family came around again and all of our dad’s went to the pub.
I had lots of presents my favourite was a Xbox 360 from my brother.
I went out to a New Year’s Eve party and stayed up until 12:30 I had an awesome time, and then on New Year’s Day all my family came around again for lunch.

The best thing that happened on Christmas Eve was that Father Christmas came and I was waving to him from the bedroom window and he left me a present outside the front door which was a man united book and calendar.

I had an awesome Christmas with my family.

Happy new year to all my friends and teachers at Berkley a First School xxx