My great weekend

I stayed in a cottage and there were some super steam trains outside the front door.

It had a hot tub and it lit up.

I went on the Santa Express and saw Father Christmas.


My Amazing weekend

This weekend I went to a cottage and there was a hotub,consevatory,BBQ also there were a lot of trains going past and just Down the road there was a bridge where the trains went under and when they went under steam came out of the funel and it went in my face. On Saturday we went toĀ Willington but we stopped half way because Santa came to us but before we saw him there was a man that went round and touched everybodies hand 3 times and if there was a spark you were on the good list and he showed us all two tricks . And then we went back to the cottage and I went into the hotub and then it was tea time and I went back in the hotub for ten more minutes and went to bed.




Advent time is here

I can not wait for Christmas.Our elf on the shelf has been very naughty this year and he was last year.We have our Christmas decorations and our tree up. There is a lot under our tree but it is not for us. On Tuesday eving Santa clause is coming to frome in his slay.

Christmas Craft Club Week 4

Making origami boxes and sugar mice – yum!