Advice for Gareth Southgate

Try not to get a yellow or red card. Try and get a gold card. Work harder than ever. Always be nice to everyone and don’t kick the ball in people’s faces. Eat your vegetables. They make you strong. Have fun and score lots of goals. Olivia-Rabbits

England Competition

Hi Gareth, Great job you are doing with the team. You can tell you have been working hard In training with all the goals scored on Sunday! Keep the team positive. You all have our support. Remember not too give up if things get tough and always try your best. Go England!!

World Cup

Eat healthily

Sleep early

Stretch your muscles

Pass well, shoot hard

Be scared of no-one

Be strong

Be brave

Move fast

Don’t slow down

Smile, enjoy it

Check your studs

Be kind to other teams

Substitutes stay warm

Pick our best team

Make England dream

Tips for Gareth & the England team

Eat healthy, especially your fruit. Kick the ball towards the goal at all times. Play as a team and listen to each other. Save all the shots from the other team. Try your hardest. Practice all the time. Buy Nike trainers. Always pick Harry Kane. Do your best.

Come on England!

Mr Southgate  please make sure you pick the best eleven players, for the team. They must eat all their vegetables and go to bed early the night before games to get a good nights sleep. Tell them to always try their best and kick the ball in the goal !!!!

How to Succeed in the World Cup

Be brave and keep doing what you have been doing through out qualification. Keep seeking advice from past legends.  Unite the England Team, and play as one. Train hard, eat healthy, and have early nights. Work on relationships off pitch to improve better play on pitch. England is the best.