Christmas blog

I helped my Dad to fill up the bird feeders and clean out the chicken shed, it was very smelly!

I helped my mum make mince pies, set the table and write place names for our Christmas parties.

Noah’s Christmas help

This holiday I started making an ecobrick to help look after the planet. It is a bottle filled with plastic rubbish. It’s saving animals and plants because the plastic doesn’t end up in a big pile in the sea and other places. It was quite hard and fun and I want to make it into a table and stool when i make a lot more and stick them together. I also helped look after my brother Luke when he was poorly.

Santa’s grotto

On Tuesday night me,Joel,mummy and auntie Rachael went to santa’s grotto at Orchardleigh House. First we went to arts and crafts and made reindeer food, I helped my little brother Joel make his. Then we went to find out our elf names, the silly elf Robin helped us, my name was the same as Joel’s Frosty Sparklepants. Next we went to a path of light to the wishing tree and put shells,stones/gems and wood. After that we went on the elfmobile down a light lake. Then we had photos sitting on reindeers and a sleigh. Also I was sitting on Comet. Last but not least we went to see santa he told us to tidy our room so he doesn’t step on anything. Then he gave us presents. Last we went to the cafe to have a hot chocolate and a sausage roll.

Christmas Blogging Competition

During the Christmas holidays I was really kind to my Sister at a funday, and I helped her find the toilet because it was her first time going.I also helped some younger children with different activities. As a result of my behaviour I was star of the day.

Christmas blogging competition

During the Christmas holidays I tried my best to help my Mummy and Daddy. I laid the table for three Christmas dinners all by myself. I helped peel the carrots for dinner, helped Daddy dig a vegetable patch, helped with wrapping presents for Christmas and tidied up my bedroom. I looked after my triplet cousins and made them laugh.

Christmas holiday challenge

In the holidays I shared my πŸŽ‚ cake with my sister, I emptied the dishwasher, I also shared my new pool 🎱 table with my friends at New Year party 🎊, and I was very patient at my Nan’s house 🏠 waiting to put a film on.