Alphabet story

The Zoe Ball Radio 2 Breakfast show set a home schooling challenge every day, the challenge for Tuesday 28th April was to write a short story using the letters of the alphabet in order, here is my story:

A Bull Came Down Extremely Fast, Getting Hotter Inside. ”Just Keep Laughing” Mum Nodded “Once Passed, Quietly Run Straight Towards Us”. Vinny Will eXtract You! Zzzz time.

Pebbles our lamb

Pebbles was born on the 4th April .Me and my brother were so amazed. We hugged her and kissed her, this was our first lamb.We hope our other sheep has a lamb . We hope you had a nice Easter. We must go there is a chicken walking around in our kitchen!!! from Meredith

Making a fantastic rainbow .🌈

Today I made a 🌈.
I used a mirror and a fantastic glass with water 💦. We shone a torch at the mirror in the glass of water but a rainbow didn’t come. Then we tried a torch and a CD. We shone the torch at the CD and a rainbow appeared!

Then we did some tricks with a pencil and water. We put the pencil in the water and it seemed like the pencil was broken. It looked bent but when we took it out it looked fine! You should try it! It is called REFRACTION.