Exiting Things in Life

All of the exiting things I have are mostly just really small

but somehow exiting.

I dont know why but I just cant wait!

The first thing is

I’m getting a new bed maybe a new wardrobe and maybe a MASSIVE desk.

The next thing is an

advent for Christmas. It is soooo close to now and the calendar that I have looks AMAZING!

Since its almost Christmas its almost boxing day. its 2 months until new years eve

and 2024!

The next thing is

its going to snow this week! its not going to pitch sadly but I dont know when but its


In january

my friend is DEFINETLY coming to mine for a sleepover!

one thing thats really far from now is sooooooo exiting and one of the best things I will

experience! (second best after Disney!)

That thing is in 2 years (groan) in 2 years (groan) I will be moving into

wait for it…

my sisters MASSIVE room!!!!!!!!

Shes 17 right now and the reason why I am moving

you might of guesed it

She’s going to university and she has my tiny room for weekends.

Right now I’m just getting ready for Christmas 2023 and I’m

going to a shop called whitehall to buy decorations.

It’s like the best christmas shop ever!

thats the end byeeeeee

Turkey trip

In the summer holidays we went from Antalya to Alanya in Turkey. We went to a hotel called THE MARRALIS HILL we stayed there for about 1 week.

There was a pool about half the SIZE OF A FOOTBALL PITCH and another THE SIZE OF THAT! There was also a pool the size of a pond. There was a foam party and we had to use the little pool but then somebody told us we couldn’t do that so we went back to our room and had a shower.

There was a disco at around 9:29 to 9:35. We did 5 different songs. The last song we did included everybody.

There was a place where there are a whole bunch of different foods. Like on Wednesday for breakfast there were pancakes,toast and more! There was also a thing called late lunch and it was basically just leftovers and some more from lunch for the people who where late for lunch!

P.S we went with are grandparents,aunts and uncles.

My Trampolining

In the summer holidays I went to my trampolining competition. I had to do a triple front flip . I did not now how I landed . But I got a trophy and some sweets .

Being Peter Pan

On Saturdays I do a club called Stagecoach and it’s all about singing, drama and dance. We do loads of shows there and the show that we are doing at the moment is called Peter Pan and I am Peter Pan. I had to audition for a part. I auditioned for Wendy but I got Peter Pan.

As I came onto the stage I felt a bit nervous but as the show got on I gained my confidence. I felt that I would forget one of my lines or forget a scene but I didn’t and the show went really well.

I really hope that future students can gain their confidence like I did.

My singing lessons

My singing is so fun we get to play so many games but my favourite part is the songs we are working on this term. We have been doing We Will Rock You the musical. Even though I do singing lessons we also do some dancing as well. I am getting nervous now because we are doing are exams soon and after that we are doing a show. Well anyways I need to go now see you soon bye

Berkley school

At Berkley I had a wonderful time in every class.

The teachers are amazing and wonderful. They are the best.

The classes are amazing and decorated nicely.

We have a church to worship and think about people who we love.

Some times it’s sad that your friends have moved to Selwood.

To everyone in the school. Thank you for being kind and helpful to me bye.

My Show for Ariel Hoop

My show was at the Merlin theatre. It was so much fun but there were so many people and I got very nervous . My heart was racing and it felt like there were a million people but there were only 500 people . My song was amazing. I chose Perfect by Anne Marie because everyone is perfect in their own way and the theme was inspirational women. I had my own solo and it was so long . We had to get there at 3 in the afternoon to practice, then the show started at 7 and ended at half past 10.It was great fun

See you soon bye.


HI everyone. My name is Matilda and I’m 8 yeas old . I want to tell you all about how much I love gymnastics. It’s the coolest thing ever. It’s like a mix flipping and going upside down, dancing and being very bendy. My favourite thing about gymnastics is the bars because it’s fun. I look forward to Fridays because I get to do 3 hours of gymnastics. I had a competition. I came 8th and it was so much fun and I did different events .


My Pet Fish

I have two pet fish. They are called Mouwee and Aidin and a snail called Shelly. She likes to hide a lot.

I have a new baby cousin who is a boy . I held him and he was asleep. I held him when he was asleep. I held him for an hour. It was fun for me.

Big Trip

On Saturday I excitedly jumped in into the car because we were going to the Newt joneis.

When I got to the Newt it was hard to find a parking spot at the Newt. We excitedly ran down the path to get our pass checked. By the checking table there were big juciy apples.

My Great Trip To The Caravan Park

Me and my family went to a caravan park called Oakdene forest park.There was a disco every night called lets go nuts.There was a fancy dress party I won and There was bingo every night.

And we did archery. It was me and dad vs Grandad and Paps

Me and dad won then we went to a pirate party.

After that we went to another party but this time it was a Robin Hood party.

Oakdene forest park was amazing you’d love to go there.