Dilton Rovers 4th win

Last Saturday I played a match against Chippenham and we won 4-2. I was a midfielder for my first time and I had to assists to Finley. One was a cross in, while the other was a throw in.

It was cold and I couldn’t feel my feet or my hands and we had to play for one hour. I was off for the 1st and 3rd quarter. Finley got the man of the match because he scored all the goals.

Back to the team. So Harvey and Harry were in defence. Orla and me were in midfield and Finley was striker. Our coach was Alex because Ian was away.

My whole life of Berkley

My whole life at Berkley is brilliant.

In Rabbits all of my teachers were so kind and I loved reading and it was so fun and I loved playing with playdoh inside. Outside I loved playing with my best friends. We used to play on the colour stepping stones. We did fun activities like painting and doing like Christmas stuff and Easter, Halloween and things like that.

In Squirrels all the teacher’s were so kind as well. I loved the teachers as well. I loved reading and Squirrels class was so fun to play in. I love doing art it was so so so so much fun. At the Christmas nativity we were dressed up and all things for Christmas and I loved it so much. I love the teachers. THEY ARE THE BEST.

In Badger’s which I’m in now. I’m a year 3 and I’ve stayed in badger’s class but its the best class ever. All the teacher’s are so nice in Badgers. All of the teacher’s in Berkley are so so so nice. We made cookies.

Disneyland Paris

Last week I went to Disneyland and it was so fun I loved it. My favourite ride was Avengers assemble because it went up side down three times. We got to see lots of characters. My favourite was Bell because Emma Watson plays her Emma Watson is my favourite actor. I went with my cousins. One is my age and one is a little younger. And on the last night we watched a really cool show in front of the Disney castle. And in the morning, before we left we got to go into the shop and I got a water bottle and a angel teddy. well bye see you soon.

Being Sneaky

when I am sneaky I take it to far. I have a massive list:

1: I found my mum looking at holidays.

2: I know what I’m getting for Christmas.

3: I steal my brothers ps5.

4: I found some random money in my house and put it in my pocket.

5: I was awake at night at a sleepover

Don’t try this.

TT rockstars

Badgers and Owls did a battle of the bands in ttrockstars. Owls [my class]

won! We had multiple prizes and they were UNREAL!

our choices are:


movie with sweets

day with lessons of our choice

a fun morning

arts and crafts session

It was a tie between movie or choice of lessons.

Movie won!

Which one would you choose?

My great holiday to Bulgaria

Me and my family went on holiday to Bulgaria. It was the best time ever.

There was seven swimming pools and there was a gaming room you had to go up to the bar and get token’s to use there you’d love it .

My trip to Gran Canaria

When I went to Gran Canairia I had so much fun. The swimming pool was so cold but the water slides were really fun. It took 4 hours to get there on plane it was really super fun. We got to watch loads of shows there. My most favourite thing at Gran Canairia was going down the small water slide into the mini pool at the bottom and getting all wet.

I really really enjoyed going to Gran Canairia!