Apple summer camp!

In the summer holidays I went to the Apple store summer camp to make a video. First we watched the trailer for the film Brave to give us some ideas, then we had to make a story board to tell us what to do.  After we made up some music with an app called Garageband. Then I  went home to video my movie.  My friend Ella helped me.  We then went in the next morning to put it into iMovie, which is another thing you can get on the Mac.  Then we put some words in to make it more interesting.  Then I went home again and came back on the Saturday to watch everyones movies with our families.

Some peoples movies were brilliant.

If you would like to watch my movie that I made you can watch it here now!

Hope you enjoy it!

By Maddie.

About 3 friends who meet up and have a brilliant day out!

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