At Halloween

At halloween im going to Georgias party at 5 o clock to 7 o clock then  im going trick our treating whith my friends called tyely and olivia out side of school then . i will come home andgo to bed poprey. FROM caitlin xx

purple mash

I’ve been on purple mash. its very good. you should go on it.  on purple mash its got winter games on it.

its on kids zone. it is at the bottom of the page .

georgia coming to my house

one time  georgia is coming to my house she might sleep over mine we might have a midnight sweets.

we might have a movie.this sunday im going  to the fleat its to see antey Carl and Gogenere

Show and Tell

i like golden time because you get to play and you get play with your show and tell things that you have brought to school.