Why did the boy take a ladder to school?

Because he thought it was a high school!!!


Why are leopards so bad at playing hide and seek?

Because they’re always spotted!!!

Radio Show

Last Thursday I went on the radio at Oakfield school. It was for e-safety.  I was talking about Donald Trump.  I loved it there, it made me remember about my first time on the radio at Westwood school. I want to give a big thank you to Mrs Hirons and Mr Banton for looking after me.


Harvest Festival Words

1. Harvest

2. Festival

3. Vest

4. Heart

5. Festive

6. Test

7. Fete

8. Hate

9. Fate

10. Share

11. Harass

12. Rest

13. Fair

14. Fare

15. Hare

16. Hair

17. Half

18. Halve

19. Fest

20. Festivals

21. Harvests

22. Vial

23. Feet

24. Fleet

25. Flee

26. Flea

27. Eat

28. Hearts

29. Feast

30. Feasts

31. Fleets


33. Hates

34. Rests

35. Fares

36. Hares

37. Hairs

38. Halves

39. Fests

40. Vials

41. Tests

42. Vests

43. Flees

44. Fleas

45. Eats

46. It

47. Lies

48. Lie

49. Fetes

50. Rave

51. Have

52. Save

53. Raves

54. Saves

55. Ate

56. Live

57. Life

58. Lives

59. Lifes

60. Leaf

61. Leaves

62. Lets

63. Less

64. Late

65. Lates

66. Later

67. Tease

68. Tea

69. Teas

70. Teaser

71. Teasers

72. Teases

73. Set

74. Sets

75. Setter

76. Saver

77. Savers

78. Hat

79. Hats

80. Fat

81. Fats

82. Rat

83. Rats

84. Sat

85. Sit

86. Sits

87. Fit

88. Fits

89. Vile

90. Liver

91. Livers

92. Hit

93. Hits

94. At

95. Leaver

96. Leavers

97. Latest

98. Rate

99. Rates

100. Fail

101. Hail

102. Fails

103. Hails

104. Trail

105. Trial

106. Vale

107. Vales

108. Tale

109. Tales

110. Fries

111. Vital

112. Are

113. Is

114. As

115. List

116. Lists

117. Lift

118. Lifts

119. Seat

120. Seats

121. Serve

122. Verse

123. Verses

124. Lit

125. Serves

126. Starve

127. Starves

128. Rail

129. Earth

130. Rails

131. Star

132. Stars

133. Sale

134. Sail

135. Sales

136. Sails

137. File

138. Files

139. Start

140. Starts

141. Trails

142. Trials

143. Lavish

144. Ale

145. Has

146. Ales

147. Fast

148. Vast

149. Fart

150. Flies

151. Farts

152. Ravish

153. Tail

154. Tails

155. Attire

156. Hire

157. Hires

158. Her

159. His

160. Lass

161. Fasts

162. Stir

163. Stirs

164. Safe

165. Safer

166. See

167. Sea

168. Sees

169. Seas

170. Lasts

171. Thief

172. Last

173. Thieves

174. Far

175. Sitter

176. Fitter

177. Litter

178. Hitter

179. Father

180. Fatter

181. East

182. Least

183. Leash

184. Real

185. Leashes

186. Reveal

187. Reveals

188. He

189. She

190. Tar

191. Fir

192. Firs

193. Tree

194. Fires

195. Fire

196. Trees

197. Faith

198. Five

199. Fives

200. That

201. Fatal

202. Veal

203. Feel

204. Feels

205. Rev

206. Let

207. Less

208. Tart

209. Tarts

210. Art

211. Arts

212. Heat

213. Heats

214. Sleet

215. Travel

216. Sheet

217. Sheets

218. Tee

219. Tees

220. Travels



Devon Holiday

We went to Devon on holiday.  We had an amazing time and I will show you some pictures.


On Friday we went to the apple store as a school trip.

We used the iPads. On the iPads we used iMovie and we made videos of us acting as villains super heroes and spies.

Thank you Mrs Hirons for taking us and thank you to the apple store for having us.

David Walliams!!!!

On Saturday I went to see David Walliams as part of the Bath children’s literature festival. He read from 3 of his books, Gangsta Granny, Ratburger and Windy Mindy. He was very funny. Afterwards we bought 2 books that he had signed.


To Mr Banton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Mr Banton


I will give you a minecraft thank you with all my dogs. You have been a fantastic teacher.






SWIM 1 MILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On sunday I swam 1 mile. It took me an hour and a half.

I was so puffed out. My towel got too wet so I had to borrow a towel from my teacher Simone.

I swam 110 laps and I raised money for charity.


I saw Mrs Hirons and Mrs James.





In the sweepstake I got ENGLAND.  On Minecraft I did a very cool thing I made the Euro Trophy,  a football, the ENGLAND flag and a football boot.

Wales holiday

In Wales, we went to Caernarfon Castle. I made a medal. The castle was amazing.

We went to Chester Zoo, we saw giraffes, crocodiles, elephants, deers, a Komodo dragon and lions. My favourite animal was the lion.

I had a lovely time in Wales.

Easter poem

  • Easter’s time for chocolate eggs
  • A baby chick is hatching
  • Spring bunnies are hopping like mad
  • Triumphant easter egg hunts
  • Excited lambs run like crazy
  • Rejoice in the lord


On Wednesday we went to London and we walked to Sealife Aquarium. It was amazing. I got a teddy seahorse.

After that we went to the Science Museum and learnt about energy.

On the next day, I went to @Bristol with Clark and Dylan. I loved it. At the end I bought a rock and a keyring.


One Saturday before Christmas, we went to Creative Aquatic Christmas party.  I won a multi record holder TROPHY!  This means that I was the fastest swimmer at front crawl and back stroke for my age. I am going to bring it into school for show and tell.


On Saturday we went to see Sleeping Beauty. I thought it was good. I really enjoyed the costumes and the singing.

It was great to see Elodie in it and my mums friend Vic was the wicked witch Hazel.


Paultons park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we went to Paultons park.

We went on some rides.

We went on the viking ship ride and I hated it.

It made me feel sick!

We also went on the teacups,Maddie picked the wrong cup as it didn’t spin very well!

After that, I  played a water gun shooting game.

Then we went to see Santa.

He gave me some monster trucks.

We stopped for lunch on the way home.

I ate pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Film review

The Peanuts Movie

My favourite character is Snoopy because of all the chapters he wrote and he is funny.

I do not have a favourite part because I enjoyed all of it.


We went away for the weekend, thats why my post is called weekend!  We stayed in a barn with Jane, Anthony and Pip the dog.  We went to Worcester and fed the swans. We went to Adams farm park and carved a pumpkin. There was a tennis court at our barn, we played tennis.  Here are some pictures.

What Am I?

I’m round and orange,

I have a stalk,

Carve me a mouth and it looks like I can talk,

I’m a carriage in a movie.

What am I?


On Tuesday we went to London. When we got there we went to a restaurant called Zizzi’s by the river Thames. On Wednesday we went to the Transport museum and after we went to the theatre to see Horrible Histories. I bought a box of stickers and a jumbo pencil. On Thursday we went to the Tower of London, we saw the crown jewels.

This week

On Tuesday we came home from Greece.  I went to sleep in the car half way through the journey home it was 2am. When we woke up later on we went to my Nana’s for breakfast.  On Thursday we went to look for Shaun the sheep in Bristol, we found 13.  Here are some pictures of my holiday.


It is very hot today because we are in Corfu and it’s about 35 degrees!!! I will put some pictures on another blog when we get home. We have a villa and a swimming pool.

Cricket camp

On Monday  I went to cricket camp and it was pouring with rain, eventually it got a bit sunny.  When it was raining we had to go outside otherwise we would have missed all of our cricket time.

On Thursday Tyler came to play, we played in our den.  We watched Home on DVD and played with my hot wheels.

On Friday I went to Art camp. We made our own t-shirts and did splatter painting.


On Friday I went to a fun day at Berkley.  It rained ALL day but I played some fun games like Bingo, 21, musical statues and musical bumps. I went on the prize list 3 times and I got to pick 3 toys. I chose 2 finger monsters and a football rubber.  On Monday I am going to Cricket Camp.

Gym competition

On Saturday I took part in a gym competition.I came joint 1st and won a Gold medal.also I won the team trophy but I got it because I was the only one in my group.My group was called Gymfinity.

My Easter Holidays

In the first week Clark came round for lunch and a play, we made pizza and easter cakes.  I had a fun day at Berkley and got star of the day.

In the second week we went on holiday to Yorkshire. We had a view of Richmond Castle. Our cottage was nice. On mummy’s birthday we went to La Piazza for tea.  I ate meatballs and spaghetti it was a very big portion. We saw a bird display on Monday. We went to a cheese factory and ate some cheese. Then we went to the chocolate factory. On Thursday we went to York to a Viking museum it smelt of vikings. We went to a farm called Big Sheep Little Cow on Friday, I held a mouse and a rat, I stroked a giant rabbit, a tortoise, a ferret and a chick.  I brushed a pig then we fed the lambs milk in a bottle then Maddie’s lamb ran away!

Here are some pictures

half term

First I went to Chichester I stayed in a Premier inn and then I went to see my Uncle and his girlfriend we had dinner in Prezzo.  I had Pizza and a little bit of Maddie’s lasagne. The next day we went in HMS Victory in Portsmouth and we visited the Mary Rose. The Mary Rose sank and there was only half of it left.  Then we went to the shops and after that we went to bowlplex. 

On Wednesday I went to Preston with my two cousins and my auntie and we met a few people there.  We had a sleepover and the next day we watched a pantomime called Peter Pan.  It was funny because Tinkerbell got stuck when she was flying!

On Saturday I had my birthday party at Writhlington Sports Centre it was laser combat. 15 people came, it was great I loved it.

On Sunday I went to Longleat.

Here are some half term pictures.

David Walliams

I would like David Walliams to come to our school because Berkley school is the BEST and he is the BEST author. He can help us learn how to write great books. We like it when people come to visit us. Gangsta Granny is my favourite book to read ever.

My Christmas

On Christmas Eve we went to see Paddington at the cinema, it was fantastic.

On Christmas Day I opened lots of presents my favourite was my 3DS.

On Boxing Day we went to my cousins for a sleepover which was fun.

On Saturday we went to the park in Bath, it was cold.

On Sunday we watched Harry Potter, I loved it.

I like

My name is Ellis . I like having a midnight  Feast. I like having cheese on crackers.

Summer Holidays

I went to Wales in a caravan with my cousins. We played crazy golf but it was raining the first time we tried to play so we fitted it in another day.  We went to  Splash land, there were 3 slides one was called Master Blaster.

Then we went to Stratford upon Avon for two nights.  We went swimming again, there was a hot tub that blowed bubbles.

On Thursday we went to Bristol to see Shrek. It was really good.

Here are some photos of my summer.

Easter Poem

Everyone’s excited that Easter has come

A snowy white lamb munching on fresh green grass

Sunny yellow chicks hatching

Trees blowing calmly

Eating patterned chocolaty eggs

Rabbits happily hopping in the shining sun



In Half Term we went to London. We stayed at a hotel.

We saw Big Ben and the London Eye. We went to the Horseguards museum and I dressed up as a guard. We went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical, it was very good, my favourite person was Willy Wonka. We went on the tube. I sneaked into mummy’s bag and had some chocolate buttons in the middle of the night.

12 Days of Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me

12 candles burning

11 gifts delivered

10 tins of chocolate

9 reindeers pulling

8 elfs are helping

7 christmas bunnies

6 baubles wobbling

5 sparkling trees

4 jingle bells

3 wise men

2 mince pies

and a turkey ready to eat.

Sunday Squirrels

On Sunday we went to Weston Super Mare to see my Great Grandad.  We went out for lunch then we went to the park to feed the squirrels some nuts.  They took them out of our hands. We walked around the park to see if there were any squirrels.

Caravan weekend!

We went swimming on the first full day there.The pool was massive.We went shopping (clothes) and Mummy bought me a onesie!

The next day we played crazy golf. We went home early on the Sunday because the storm was due. So on the Monday we went bowling.

Room on the Broom and the Carnival

We went to see Room on the Broom in Bristol. We went with my cousin Joe. The Cat put a traffic cone in the cauldron to make a new broomstick.

In the evening we went to the carnival and when it was nearly finishing we saw Libby! She gave me a football leaflet. We saw some more people.

Caravan holiday

We went to Cornwall for a week and we went to the beach on the first day. We went swimming and then we went to the arcade. My auntie, uncle and cousins Joe and Em came with us.  After that we played Old Maid and Happy Families.

We went to St.Ives on the train and we went to see the animals at Paradise park, I fed the penguins.

We went swimming in the pool a lot and there was a great water slide, we also went on some paddle boats in the pool, the teacher was pushing our boats and splashing us and throwing stuff at us, it was fun. I threw stuff back at him and bashed him and we laughed.




We have been searching for Gromits in Bristol.  So far we have found 13 out of 80.

First tooth out

On Friday evening at Joe’s house my tooth fell out. It was my first one that I lost. The tooth fairy came and I got 2 golden coins.


We went to the Algarve. The villa was nice. We had fun in the swimming pool and went to the beach one day.We had to wake up at 3am to go home.

Lyme Regis

Yesterday we went to Lyme Regis for the day.  I put my feet in the sea. I liked brushing the dinosaurs teeth and pretending it was a real dinosaur! I called it Fred. We also saw some ducklings.


I had lots of chocolate at Easter.  I did 3 Easter Egg hunts.  On Easter Monday we went to the park and played cricket and went on the slides.


Our friends had a baby called Eva in London.  We went to see her. We went to see the dinosaurs.

Frosty the snowman

We made a snowman.


We went to London at the weekend.