Fun at Gymfinity!!!

Maddie and I go to the best gym club in the world.It is run by my mummy and her friend.We learn lots of new things there like the beginnings of back flips and other fun things for the older groups.The younger groups get to do fun warm up games and the start of things like forward rolls and practising the bars with support.The older ones have there lesson on a Friday  what a brilliant way to end the day. The younger ones come on a Saturday

Easter hunts

Today is Easter and this morning mummy and daddy set me and sophie a easter egg hunt.After we went to longleat for another easter egg hunt we took two hours finding the eggs it was so much fun!!The word was daffodil I found it out before we had scrambled them up.Eventually we went to watch the bird show the birds were magnificent.

Icy ice skating

Yesterday I went to Issys birthday part at bristol ice rink.At first when we were putting our ice skates I couldnt even stand up.Then we all had our lesson and then moved into the big ice rink.For lunch I had pizza and chips as theyran out of what I wanted.After we had a disco skating on ice.I could now ice skate without holding onto the side I kept on falling over in the same place so I had a wonderful time!!!

BBC points west

On  Monday some tv camera people came to our school.They filmed Abbie Robert and Oliver and for a bit Issy.We were on tv talking about the limit.I saw us on tv.It was the first time that I have seen any one I know on tv or even myself.I hope they change the speed limit.Then today a counciler came round to my house asking if there was any problems so mummy said about the speed limit and he said he would try to do something about it so it might get fixed this silly problem because I get worried crossing the road so I hope they will do something about it!!!

country dancing

Yesterday I did country dancing. It was brilliant. I learned how to do 3 dances.My favrioute dance was the one dance we did first.I liked going in and out of the circle.After the dances we did  a clapping game.I worked with Polly.She was great to work with so I had the most best time ever!!

My st ives trip

On Friday I went to st ives.It took 3 hours to get there but it was worth it.I stayed in a wonderful hotel and me and Sophie slept in bunk beds.Then on saturday we went to padstow.It was lovely I had a Rick stein sausage roll and ate it on top of the hills.Then I went to the beach and played with Sophie.Then we went to the greens cafe and had millianere shortbreads and a rasberry and blueberry smoothie and then bought a teddy called fudge.After I had tea in a resraunt with my grandad but for the rest of the day it was a girly day.Then I went to port issac on the way home Mummy bought something for Nanny and then we looked in shops and finally on Sunday we went home!

The fantastic muppet show

On the 17th me and Mummy and Sophie went to see the muppets in Bath with Susie And Issy. It was a great movie.The muppets had to get alot of money so they could keep their old studio because the bad man tried to rip it a part to keep oil in it but he lied to make into a muppet museum.In the end they raised enough money to save their studio and Walter became a muppet to even he always was one.

christmas holidays

Its the christmas holidays and only three days until christmas.I have got only two more windows on my advent calender.I also cannot wait until father christmas comes our house if we have all been good this year.

My birthday has now arrived

Today is the 22nd of November and that must mean its my birthday.I am 8 today! I have had lots of presents my main present was a computer which am typing on now. Today I went to lyme regis. I had fish and chips at a pub.We all went onto the pebble beach. I found a big smooth pebble with a hole right in the middle which I am going to make a necklace out of it.

Childrens shoe boxes

On Wednesday in church two ladys came into school to take the shoe boxes away to a very poor country somewhere in Africa.I put in some hair things flannels soap toys sweets toothbrush and toothpaste some colouring pencils and finally a notepad.I hope the children love there shoe boxes because we all put alot of hard work into them.

Longleat fireworks

On friday we went to longleat to see the fireworks. They were the best I have ever seen. I went with Mummy Daddy and Sophie.Mcfly were there it was brillliant and I saw  a man juggling  fire.















The Victorian School trip

On  Monday the 7th of November  we went to Bath on the coach. First we went into the  Victorian art gallery it was very interesting inside because there were lots of lovely old paintings. The best painting to me was the painting of a very rich girl called Sophia. We had lots of fun looking at things that may be found in a Victorian house. We also made some portraits of Victorian children in the past. Some of the other paintings were of old Tom Thumb and Charles Baker.Then we went to the fashion museum.There were lots of pretty dresses . The oldest dress there was the silk tissue dress.Then we went to the Bath at work museum it was very interesting and I enjoyed it so much!

Sunny Spain

On the 8th of  August at 3 o’clock in the morning  we got our Uncle Steve to drive us to the airport it was a two  hour wait then we  got on the aeroplane.We had to wait two hours then  we arrived in spain. We got our hired car then we went to our house and had a look around .Then we went shopping for food.When we got home we jumped in the swimming pool it was so much fun.Mostly we did the same all the other days but the best thing was at the sea side. I loved it. I also loved  going  out to dinner by the sea and thats my holiday!

My Lovely Day

Today my grandad came from st  ives.  He slept  over and  went to see  my great granny. He works at st ives junior school too ! Then I went  shopping and had lunch

My Holiday

I cant wait until I go on holiday to spain .I am going to have  a wonderful time in a lovely  house where we can go to the beach alot . we are going on the 8th  of  august too !

I am  going with my mummy daddy and sister too!

Moving Up

I cant wait  until I  move up to badgers class. I think I will have lots of fun trying new things with other people also with my friends. I am very exited too!

Fun Events

I really like the special events of going on school trips and having  lovely visitors like the archer, knight  and the falconer. I  really the falconer because all  his birds were cute      and funny .i loved  the  fantastic  barn owl and its lovely soft  feathers . i  liked the knight and the archer too .and defenitly windsor castle.

Kimono girl

i cant wait until my show on friday i am going to be a chinese lady. i am going to wear a kimono  it is very pretty and beautiful im wearing a lot of

magnifecent   make up.

Gardening Delights

i love how we plant lots of vegetables to be healthy it is really fun because we dont do it often and i really like the field.