Leaving Berkley

I’m so sad that I have to leave Berkley. I will miss everyone, mainly the teachers and staff. I will miss Mrs Langton loosing her glasses and Mrs Pang laughing and giggling. But I know that I need to move onto Selwood. It’s nothing like Berkley….

Good bye Berkley ūüôā

Our holiday

On Wednesday we went to Cholderton Farm it was FAB!

First we went into our rooms and we had to put our sheets on the bed, put the duvet cover and pillow case on. I wasn’t too good at that but¬†that’s just the boring part.

My¬†group name was SPLAT. We would always meet outside the house and we would do sound off. We all had a number and I was number 10 so Iwould¬†have to shout¬†‘TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN’!!!!!! It was great fun.

When we where walking to our¬†activities we would always sing¬†certain songs. The leaders, Ellis, Kelly & Tom¬†would say ‘it’s a¬†repeat¬†after me¬†someone is it’ and¬†we would say the same thing back and then they would begin singing the song we would have to repeat,¬†¬†we would¬†do¬†this all the way to the activity. For example, here¬†is one of the songs, ‘I’m a little coconut lying on the coco ground, everybody steps on me that is why I’m a nut you see, I’m a nut I’m a nut I’m crazy I’m a nut I’m a nut I’m jazy. Called myself up on the phone just to see if I was home, got myself out on a date, I got a date at half past eight, got myself to the Butchers show, sat right down in the very front row, I’m a nut I’m a nut I’m crazy I’m a nut I’m a nut I’m jazy, I’M A NUT YOU’RE A NUT WE’RE ALLL CRAAZZYYYY’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

For tea that night we got to choose weather we wanted fish cakes or chicken. I had fish cakes. My favourite activity was archery, it was really¬†cool. We learned how to pull the arrow out of the ground. We played a game where you had to try and hit¬†red, yellow or blue on a target. If you landed on red you were going to Australia, if you hit yellow you were going to both of the Disneylands’ and if you hit red you were going to Spain.

I had the best residential trip ever and I hope the year 3s have as much enjoyment out of it as we did!

Rudy’s birthday

On Thursday it was Rudy’s birthday he woke up at about half past 7 not too bad.

He got some AMAZING presents. First he opened the blue presents, he got a table football!! We pretend it’s Arsenal against Liverpool, we play that every day it’s really fun. Then he got a¬†scalextric!! It’s a Jenson Button one and¬†they go REALLY fast, that’s so cool.

Next he got a Walking with Dinosaurs film, we watched it about a million times but that’s because it’s really good.

Then me and Henry got Rudy a James Bond car it’s got 3 buttons on it. One makes the horn¬†go off, the other one makes the music of James Bond come on then the last one makes it move. He got lots of things I¬† could sit here all day and list them. But I definitely know he had the time of his life. Now he’s looking forward¬†to his pirate party tomorrow.

On Wednesday

On Wednesday we went to Bristol on the coach. Me, Sophie, Ruby and Finlay played hang man and I spy with Mrs Pang. When we got there we had our snacks. Then we went to the museum. We first looked at vehicles and we went in the big bus. There were phones and you listened to someone talking about their lives. Then we went up stairs and looked at pirate things. We saw a shop and you had to put an apron on and you could weigh the food.

After we had looked round we went to have our lunch, there was some really cool pirate food.

I had a pirate lunch box and a pirate cake. We stuck stickers everywhere on our packed lunches!¬†Then when everyone had finished, Pirate Duncan took us on a tour. He showed us caves where the pirates used to hide. We looked in through the windows and we saw a cave in there. Pirate Duncan said that Black beard killed someone and he would hide in that cave. He said that there would be a picture in front so that they wouldn’t find him. He told us lots of¬†information and facts¬†then we had to walk back to the coach. THAT WAS A REALLY COOL DAY


New babys

Our ¬†Aunties in Thailand have had twin boys! They are called¬† Samuel and Luca. We have bought loads of tiny clothes and little hats they are very cute. Samuel is slightly bigger than Luca. They’re even smaller than¬†our Aunties¬†hands!¬†Our Aunties might come back¬†to live in England that means we can see them. When I’m 18 I will be able to baby sit them. I cant wait to meet them. I wish they could be girls. But I’ll still paint their nails.

12 days of christmas.

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me a star on top of the tree,

On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me 2 prancing Deer,

On the third day of Christmas my true love sent to me 3 children playing,

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love sent to me 4 baked mince pies,

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love sent to me 5 chocolate coins,

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me 6 stockings hanging,

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me 7 Santas  laughing,

On eighth day of Christmas my true love sent to me 8 crackers popping,

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love sent to me 9 brand new toys,

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love sent to me 10 tins of biscuits,

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me 11 party songs,

On the twelth day of Christmas my true love sent to me 12 guests to lunch.

by Issy ford, Henry Ford & Rudy Ford


For Christmas I got a pink and white spotty Furby, it talks, dances and sings (it even fluffs and burps!!!) I got One Direction tickets for London Wembley Arena in June. I’m going with my mum, she’s going to wear a one d t shirt so am I. We got a load of Chocolate ¬†and sweets. We got 5 tins of sweets and a hole shelf of chocolate and sweets. My brothers got Kindle fires and they cant come off them.!We got new Wii Just Dance games I got 5 stars and no one has beat that yet.

On friday

On Friday after school Izzy took me to her caravan. First we had to go home . then we got into the van me and Izzy were in the front and Izzy’s mum drove. When we got there it was nearly tea time so we went to this soft play area . there’s one for¬†small children ¬†and one for big children . we were in there for a long time . there was arcades and you had to win tickets and then you put them in a machine and you get a letter saying how many you got.

About our holiday

We went to Spain. On the first day we went in the pool. We went to see our cousins Lola and Sophia. In their pool they have a whale that you can sit on. And they have a rubber ring its yellow. We played diving. When it was night time I slept in Lola’s bed its really big. The next day we went to the beach. We had ice creams we all had Magnums . they weren’t just any Magnum they were chocolate with melted chocolate then chocolate ice cream. they were nice . I had them everyday. The next day we went to the beach again .we got a boat to go in me and Lola went very far out my dad had to come and get us and¬† pulled us back. We made a Jacuzzi . It was nice. When we got home I went strait in the pool with my clothes on.. Everyday we had toasties¬† I had just a cheese one. ¬†we had babeque¬† and 2 roast dinners

it was one of my best holidays




About Sunday the 4th August

On Sunday we went to the cricket pitch because the cricket players were raising money for a charity. It was the fire brigade . Everyone had a raffle ticket. who ever¬† got the right number got to have a go all round Frome on a Helicopter. There was a lady who had it and she took her boyfriend. And Rudy’s friend Isobel and her mum all went . We waved at the Helicopter. After we went in to do the raffle tickets we won 4 things. Some chocolates, cricket things, sticky bat and ball and sexy man after shave for Dad!

That day was fun.

On Friday

On Friday I went to Sophie’s ¬†house . The first thing we did was watch T.V. We watched Tom and Jerry. Then we had lunch, we had pasta. Then we went in Sophie’s big pool it’s as big as my front room! We played pairs in the water, there was a picture of an animal from under the sea and we pick one up and try and find the other one. Then we played try and get round the whole circle without breathing that was fun .Then we got out and got our clothes on. Teddy Sophie’s cat¬† brought in a lizard, we tried to get him in the box and¬†it took a long time but we got her in. Her name was Lizzie Sophie Issy¬† Lauren Ford. We looked at her and some of her tail had come off but that doesn’t matter because when they’re babyies their tails come off and they grow back. I took it home it was very smelly because she had done a poo in the¬†box!¬†I didn’t¬† want to¬†get it out of the box¬†because it was too smelly so mum did it.

That was an exciting day.

About sunday

On sunday  Kayleigh came to our house for a sleep over. Our friends said they were getting some of the things ready. So we put our wellys on and got in the car. When we got there we saw our friends. Then we started the MASSIVE walk .We walked up a really big hill. My dad wanted to climb a pyramid were the people stand to sing their songs. When we got to the pyramid we got to go on the pyramid and dad sang us a song it was really funny. We walked some more we let there dog Henry of the lead we had to find a pirate ship me and Ben were first to find it. Then we found another castle to play in. Then e were so tired and we walked

Izzy coming round

On Thursdays Izzy comes round. Because we have a club. She has tea at ours it’s really fun. When the club is finished Izzy’s mum or dad takes us home. When she’s at ours we have dance shows and we practise some dances.¬† Rudy and mum watch us we have really good fun.

I like it  and so does Izzy

George coming round.

On Wednesday George came round. When we first came back we waited for George’s mum to drop George here . Then we watched some Horrid Henrys. Then we had tea, it was chicken, vegetables¬†and chips. After tea¬†we played on the Wii. First we played Mario winter Olympics, we were 1st 5 or 6 times! Then we played Mario carts, we were 1st 2 times, that was much harder! My ¬†mum brought some yummy¬†ice cream it was nice, it had chocolate caramel and marshmallows in it. Then George’s dad came to pick him up at 6pm.¬†We hid under my brothers bunk beds¬†behind the shoe drawer which was a great hiding place,¬†they found us though.

my birthday party

On the 29th of March I had a birthday party. Sophie, Holly, Maddie, Ruby, Kayleigh, Aimee and IzzyN came It was a pampering party.

We had our finger nails and toe nails painted. The lady did 180 nails altogether! Another lady came to do our hair. Most of us had 2 french plaits and Maddie and Kayleigh had high pony tails curled. We danced to 1Direction songs. That was fun.

I gave out menus when we were at school.They had to give them back to me when they had chosen and ticked what they wanted. Mum made us each our chosen main, desert and drink. It was delicious.

After we had¬†tea we put some Michael Morpurgo books out and¬†each guest¬†got to choose which one they wanted. ¬†I¬†chose first and decided on¬†‘An Elephant in the Garden’ (elephants are my favourite animals).

We played a dancing game on the Wii. Whenever somone wanted they joined in on the dance, eventually it was just me, Izzy, Sophie and Holly so we carried on dancing it was the best day ever!

Sophie came round

One day Sophie came round she bought tatoos and we put them on our bellys and head and cheek that was fun.After that we went outside and played on the trampleen and clome the tallest tree I have but we don’t go very high. Next we went in and Sophie and Holly bought a wii game called Rio you were a bird and you had to get the monkeys.They bought a box and I wanted to know what was in it but my my mum woudn’t let me see until the boys had finished but when she went into the other room so me and soph went to have a look we stoll one they were homade choclate brownies they were dilishes we Kept on having some then my mum spoted us.

Its always great having Sophie and Holly round.

The beach

On saturday I went to the beach.We bought 3 balls and bucket and spade.It was a sunny day we bought some icecreams mine had a flake out the top.We walked across the beach and we played tag.We went into a giant fair thing inside . Me and Henry went on this thing where you get onto a swing thing and then it goes up and your really high and  you go round in circles when you go over the fence thay was really scary.We got a free ticket and we get 5 or more goes on what ever ride you want.We went on a helterscelter. There were 2 you could choose and  1 slide. I went on the red one. They werent very fast there was a go cart game but we was not aloud to but it was fun watching anyway.We went onto the beach again we walked past a train.

Kayleighs house

On friday I went to Kayleighs for a sleep over.We played circuses on the furnitcher.And then we put are¬† p j mas on.Then we had our tea.We had another¬† practise on the circues and we got everyone to the longe and showed our show.They thought it was good.next when I was looking in my suitcase I found chocolate…


So when the air bed was blown up we shared out the chocolate we put our film on.When we woke up roly the cat was on my head.We went down stairs I had a cup of tea.

On Monday

On monday we had to dress up as robots.It was great and nearly everyboady dressed up. I didnt know we were going to be in the paper.I havent seen us yet.I had  a grey face and a big body

It was great


On friday

On friday we went to Lyme Regis it took us an hour.When we got there we had to get our ticket.Then we walked down the cobbly bit and we saw lots¬†of ¬†boats.On the way back we jumped down and up.Then we got to the sea we didn’t go in the sea we played tag. it was really fun then we got¬† some fish and chips I had a super duper long sausage.Then we got an ice cream I had a choclate ice cream with choclate sauce and extra sauce.

on christmas day

On christmas morning I woke up and I said to the boys its christmas morning so we got up and went into Mum and Dad’s¬†room. They said we will get up in 5mins.But we kept on getting up so mum said come on then. So we ran down stairs AND…………..it was full of presents. My ones were on the little sofa and Henrys were by the chimley and Rudys were on the long sofa.I got a teliscope and a blanket that turns into a dressing gown.It was the best days of my life.I played my piano after our roast.The best present for all of us was………………A wii we got just dance and mariocart.

On friday

On friday we went to college to get a present . but  we put the key in and the alrm went off.Once one of the alarms went off they all went off . the police came it was really scary.We went to the  person who looks after the school and he turned the classroom alarms off .After that we went to get the present  and we went home .when we went home I had to get ready for jimnastics and Sophies mum came to take me  to jim.When I came back and had my super and went to bed and I watched a film.But when I was in bed mum said I could watch titanic.And then I went to sleep.

Last Night

Me and daddy went to from flyer.I had spagetie my daddy had a massive mushroom and salid burger.Then daddy got my ring and he¬† and rolled it around and I tryed to guess which hand it was in .Then daddy said “do you want a pudding?” and I said “yes” and he got me icecream, brownies, marshmallows and a cup of chocolate, I ate it all !!! Then I tried to teach daddy¬†A Sailor but he was rubbish!

Finally we went   home


Yesterday it was Henrys birthday he got so many presants I cant tell you haw many presents he got.On his birthday party we really liked the cake it was so yummy.Henry opend a couple of preasents and left loads.On his real birthday we gave him a trick we said there was only a card from our nanny.Henry kept on saying can we go down stairs now .Then we all went down stairs I covered his eyes and went in. he had a whole room full of preasnts .Henry opend all of them. And Holly and Sophies mum made  a cake it was anamal  from the muppets.


We had such a good time yesterday


On monday me Henry & Rudy & mummy daddy are going to london .We  are going there to watch a band and on tuesday we are going to see the queen.Mummy thinks that the queen will be in a posh car with her daughter princess Anne and 3 sons prince charles and prince Edward and prince  Andrew.


Tuesday At School

On tuesday we went to see the olympic torch .My favert bit was seeing the torch. it had gold rings around.The fire wont go out until  it gets back to greece.There was2 cocacola lorrys and some people ran past and we got to high five them.Next these two men went past on these stillts. they were on the stillts so that we could hear them and one of the men had to run down to the end and we had a practise so we had to cheer really loudly.I liked the bit when the men on stilts jumped I thought that there legs would be really achy when  they had been to loads of places.We went to the st johns church to see if it was like are are church or not.It wasnt like are church because it had a play area and there was an  old piano with lots of pullers.There was a play bit where jesus was on the cross and joseph and mary was there. there was  the cave where the the stone had been rolled away.


On monday we went to choose a kitten to have and there are 2 boys and1 girl.But then we desided to have 2 kittens.Next monday we are going to pick up the kittens and take themhome the boys  are called  Patches & junior and the girl isTINK AND WE MIGHT GET Tink & Patches

Going Out

On saturday night we first went to see a band its called nevil stapill.The man is called Nevil.He comes from in the middle of England.He is a black man.My faverit song is called a mesage to you Rudy.And this is how it goes a mesage to you Rudy and theres a trumpet it was really good naw my cousin has come to baby sit us she is called Dasie doo And we are havin the petsa that has been left over.


On saterday its Rudys party.& on thursday night we where getting every thing  ready mummy was blowing ballons and letting them go.


On tuesday night Iwas brushing my teeth and one of my teeth was in my mouth so I got it out of my mouth and I put n my little tooth pot I wathed a little bit of toystory and then went to bed in the morning I found I had 2 one pounds but I was crying then because I had a bad bad dream.But affter a little bit I was all right.


On thursday we went to bomerrangwith George it was good fun & there was a  bit there & that was where some things you could sit on and ride around .There was a blue long slide and a small black slide u couldent see any thing.Affter  we had been to boomerrang we went to a place and there was boats sailing some lived on them and som where a having a holaday and some where having a little trip we had something to eat I had a pasta George had chicken nugerts and beans and chips Henry had the same so did Rudy.


we had a good day out


When you go to longleat¬†you have to have a card on it you have to get your picture taken and then that will be put on the card.So every time you would like to visit longleat you can proudly show your card. But if you didn’t have a card you would have to pay .

If you wanted to go on something¬†and your mum and dad¬†said you’re allowed to, then you would¬† show your card.

When we went we went on an easter egg hunt you had to try & find an egg with a letter on &  you had a sheet with eggs on and you put the letter on the eggs & it gradually made a word. It was daffodils .When we finished the hunt we went & got a  cream  egg I didnt like it that much.

It was an alice & wonderland day we went and had to find our way out and when we where looking we saw the Queen of hearts and guess what she said we were aloud to cheet so we cheeted by steping over the little bushes.Then when we got out of there  we were looking fo the white rabbit but we couldnt find him any where Henry &Rudy really wanted to go on the train so we went on it.When we were in the middle bit we saw the white rabbit he gave everyone an book with stickers in and question in it.

Then after that we went home.

about iceskating

When we went iceskating first a lady called¬†¬† Pam tort us to do things.When we were iceskating we had to sit on the ice and Pam would teach us to¬† get back up again.I fell over 100 times my friend Raya she fell¬†¬† over1000 times and …..

I had a good day


On friday it was my birthday.My favourite thing was the piano that my nanny v got me. It was her birthday aswell. I also got a really good¬†camera from my mum and dad which I took lots of photos on.Then on saturday 10 people are coming iceskating with me.There will be party food there and i’m having pizza with a fizzy drink in the vip party area.After our skate lesson there will be a disco.I hope I dont fall on my bottom.


When it was my birthday I got some kangeroos. They are saylvainers. Every day now when I get  up I always play with my kangeroos or with my piano.I got some others saylvaneiers that are the rabbit. The mummy& daddy are getting married .At the mommet they are dancing.I got a shoe shop there are shoes in the cupboard.

I love playing with my kangeroos & piano

kayleighs house

On Saturday I went to Kayleigh’s house we had a water fight.When we¬† were having the water fight we kept on getting her¬† wet with the water shooters.After that we rode on her bikes we had to try & get Lauren, Kayleigh’s middle size sister.Next¬† doors¬† car wasn’ there so we rode up and down the drive.When I was coming down I thought¬† I was going to bump into Lauren & so I fell off the bike.I was all right. We went back on the bikes again and sicled around.Kayleigh has a den out the front . Every time I go to Kayleighs house we all ways go into the den and we sit on the wood.After that we went out the front and played on the swings and talking about things at school and at home.When we had finished talking we held the ginnipigs. I held MR TOFFEE and KAYLEIGH¬†held Garry.¬†I made mrs toffee dance and Kayleigh made Garry dance it was funny.After that we made these animals you put tissue papper and other stuff I made a chicken it had a yellow beak.When we finished we went in the bath Kayleigh pretended there was a shark & IT MADE ME SCREAM !!!

Our Trip

We went to brokerswood.There where activities. We drew  maps.My faverit thing was finding l0ts0 f animals .I found a snail, an earwig and  2 bugs. When I found the earwig mrs Saltonstall got fritend.Their was lots of muddy puddles and i fell in the mud.

I had a geat day out at Brokers wood

Fun fair

Me & Henry went to the fun¬† fair with¬†our nanny & her boy friend dave.Henry¬† went on the dogers 2 times .When Henry went on the dogerrs I diddn’T WANT to¬†even look .I hooked¬† duck 2 times AND I¬† WON I chose a green rabbit & a purple¬† bouncy grape ball.I saw Bethany¬† Max & Ben & Chloe & tily.When we where on the teacups¬† we kept on getting swung around.

I had a very good day at the funfair so did Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Me, Daddy & Henry went for a muddy walk.We had a picnic .When we got round the walk there¬† was a river & we went in¬† there & the water filled my whole wellie!!!!!! Henry had a hole in his wellie.When¬† I was throwing stones it went¬†right in front of him, he said ” it was like a fish”.

I had a great day out with Daddy & Henry!!! Then mummy made a roast.Which was very nice.!


Some new neighbours moved in & we gave them a card.I crossed the road I looked, I listened, I saw, then when there was nothing coming I crossed the road. When I posted it it got stuck in the wellies.It made me & my mummy laugh.They have 2 boys one is a baby & one is a todler.They have 3 cars a campthervan & 2 other green cars.

going out

Yesterday I went out with my mum & my dad  & henry & rudy & we went to bath park.There was some slides & I went down on my tummy.And I played in the sand for a long time I made a big hole.The boys where playing on a climbing frame . And now today were having a chill out day & im having a nice bath.


We are very lucky tonight because we get to listen to songs before bed time .My faveret song is Sunflower by Paul Weller.I like it  because daddy sings it with his band!!!

play time

On  Monday  affternoon I played a really good game .I was the mum & Sophie & Kayleigh was the big sister & so were  jessica & rebbeca .kayleigh had a boy friend & Isabelle was a boy & she had an gutitar & she kept waking the baby up & Me & Sophie were moving & we didnt know & everybody came in  the train & then we went on holiday to spain

The End?????

hair cut

On Friday night  my god mother is a hair dresser &  she cut my hair. A cut  & A fring  & I  feael  diffrent. I look like  when I was smaller. Henry had A hair cut as well? I like my fringe.


Kayleigh came for a sleep over and  George came for tea. We went to the park on our bikes & scotters and  then came back for pizza. We went to Boomerang and played for hours. Me and mummy went to town to the cafe and I had hot choclate with marsh mallos and mummy had coffee. Nanny and Dave took us for a picnic at Bath park.

Henry and Rudy

Henry and Rudy are the best brothers in the  whole world . At the moment they are playing with the lego . they are making  space ship with star wars people . On saterday morning I made them look like a girl . I put makeup on them and dresses .tonight they are very igsited because we are not sleeping in there bed we are sleeping in the playroom bed .


my brother likes rabbits because I love the school and I think rabbites is the best because they get to play and do letters I love rabbits.


I went to watch Muppets with Sophie& Holly. There was a man who saw Kurmit the frogs office and wanted to buy it and knock it down to dig for oil! So Walter a big fan of the Muppets went to find all of them to tell them and Miss pigy was in France. So they drove to France and went to the hotel  where Miss Piggy was and asked  the people if they could go and see Miss Piggy but they said no and then the muppets came back in dressed up as a big man  and then they let them in! Miss piggy said sit down and then they fell over and the costume came off and Kurmit told Miss Piggy what was happening and she said no I cant help you.