Reading a book in an unusual place

I read the boy in the dress at Weymouth beach with my Nan at the weekend, we read it next to the life guard hut where the new life guards were training. It was hot and the sand kept blowing up into the pages as we turnt them, we liked reading the book at the beach because it was nice and relaxing.



Christmas holidays

On Christmas Day my family came around for lunch we opened our presents it was a blast of a day . On Boxing Day my family came around again and all of our dad’s went to the pub.
I had lots of presents my favourite was a Xbox 360 from my brother.
I went out to a New Year’s Eve party and stayed up until 12:30 I had an awesome time, and then on New Year’s Day all my family came around again for lunch.

The best thing that happened on Christmas Eve was that Father Christmas came and I was waving to him from the bedroom window and he left me a present outside the front door which was a man united book and calendar.

I had an awesome Christmas with my family.

Happy new year to all my friends and teachers at Berkley a First School xxx

What am I Poem

No skin,
Some get put in the bin,
But not this one,
I had a son

Now it’s Halloween,
I,m sure you have seen,
Hanging at the door of someone’s home,
Scary and alone

But that’s not me,
I just want to be free,
To have back my flesh,
And not be such a mess

I lay in the ground cold,
While others are getting old,
Soon they will be like me,
And then you will see…….

What am I?

David Walliams

David Walliams please please come to our school because I’ve never seen you before and some of my friends have. Can you fly in your colourful helicopter.

I would also like you to read one of your  fabulous books  to the school which would  make us all  really happy.

100 Word Challenge

On Christmas eve we were sat in my sister,s bedroom singing jingle bells looking out of the window when we seen Father Christmas he came right up to the front door and he kept waving to us, once he had gone we went downstairs and he left us all a present by the front door, he gave me a lego friends ice cream bike.

On December 25th I woke up at 2:00 in the morning and Father Christmas had taken my stocking so I went into mum and dads bedroom who said it was too early and that I had to go back to bed. At 7:00 my sister Jordan and my brother Liam came in, they were really excited so we asked mum and dad if we could go down stairs to see if Father Christmas had been. We all went downstairs and the living room was full of presents, we had lots of presents my main present was an electric scooter and lego friends castle, my brother also had an electric scooter. I like Christmas because you spend a lot of time with the family Christmas day I went to my auntie,s for dinner and played with my cousins Hari, Fin and Sulli and then they all came to us on boxing day, I had a really fab Christmas.


Mummy’s 40th birthday party

On Saturday I went to mummy’s 40th birthday party my cousin Hari and Finlay came out we asked for One Direction to be played so we could dance.
We then walked home at 1:00 in the morning my legs were aching from all the dancing so my daddy carried me for a little bit.
I did not wake up until 9:30 Sunday morning as I was very tired but I had amazing time.

Easter blog- Jessica Mc

Eggs stacking up ready for you to eat
After eight chocolate in my reach
Sun beaming down on all the girls and boys
Time to go and play with all our new toys
Enjoying our time with loved ones
Running around until we’re all hungry for hot cross buns

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love sent to me

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love sent to me

12 mince pies baking

11 elves dancing

10 snowflakes falling

9 children laughing

8 choirs singing

7 candles burning

6 Christmas lights beaming

5 saucepans steaming

4 reindeers running

3 workers chilling

2 turkey’s flying

And a big present under the tree.

Pizza for tea

In  the half   term  we had my brothers  friend  Daniel around and we went to the

cinema and watched cloudy and the chance of meatballs. It was a very good film. We then went home and had pizza for tea.