Another Camp!!

I went on another camp with the cubs BUT this time we were at Tedbury!! We stayed there for 2 nights the first night we kept on chatting, the second night we just fell asleep STRAIGHT AWAY! We did a hike (its a long walk) it was 2 hours and it had questions on the way, we passed jackdaws and other places! THEN we also built a chariot (a cart that they use to take posh people in) We only made it with rope and sticks and I did 2 of the knots!! Also we made a catapult ALSO just with sticks and rope! the food was amazing too I HOPE I COME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!


I Went Camping for 3 nights!!! because I’m a cub I went camping at west woodlands! it was so much fun! the best bit was when I saw Bear Grylls!!  he arrived in a helicopter and he said to us “CUBS AND SCOUTS ARE DANGEROUS!” there was a tent were we could buy sweets!!!! I had a feast with all our sweets! I was so tired when I came back! but I want to come again


Easter holidays!

I cant wait until the Easter holidays because that means its closer to my residential and for yummy Easter eggs!!
And I am doing singing lessons with my friend Elodie and that’s on the 6th of April!!!
I really want the days to go quicker as theirs so many special advents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope that your happy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my book review

Name of book: The witches.

Characters: Grandma, The boy, Grand High Witch, Bruno Jenkins, Mrs Jenkins, Mr Jenkins.

What The Book Is About: Well… The witches turn the Boy into a mouse also Bruno Jenkins and Grandma tries to kill ALL witches! And she does.

Your Faveroute Bit: when Grandma  got up and put her walking stick up in the air and said “I will destroy EVERY WITCH!”

I hoped you like my book review!!!

What am I?

what am I?

I come from Africa and hot places
I am a fruit
cheeky m______y  eats me
I am long and yellow
sometimes I’m green
I can go very mushy
I’m sometimes black when I’m mushy

who am I?

last day day of yr 3

it was the last day of yr. 3 and the last day of Berkley for owls. we had fun times in badgers but lots of people cried in the leavers service because Mrs b and miss p were leaving. but we still had a great time. we packed away all our stuff. they will all bring back memories from the past.

mrs b acrostic poem

M e and the whole of Berkley hope you never go.
R E you love we love it all.
S o all of Rabbiats, badgers, owls, and squirrels keep the love inside our  head

B e with us all are life we hope you never go we had you for 1000 years so please we love you so.


my coat of arms

for homework we had to find our coat of arms on this website:

we went on the website and we typed in our last name and hopefully we had one if you didn’t have one try your nans last name or your cousins last name or your friends last name whatever you choose I searched mine up and guess what I had one your coat of arms come from different countries  but some come from England remember put in your last name and it will come up.

Our new puppy

we got a new puppy. its so cute. its boulder terrier, and its called Freddie. some people think his couler is a brownie. he chews everything and in the morning he comes in my room and steals my toys. he attacks the our cat Charlie with licking, biting or sniffing.  he barks at the hover and with the brush he chews the end. he makes a mess with with his sticks. he knows 2/3 tricks. he knows sit and down but I put the slash because he knows stay but sometimes he does it. he knows his name and Freddie can be weird sometimes. we take him for walks and when my cousin comes over Freddie plays with ruby my cousins dog. he loves everyone because he jumps up and licks anyone he sees if someone doesn’t play with Freddie he will cry.

about first aid

today ONLY year four and year three

did first aid DR.ABC  is the thing we did

D.   danger     check the area so you don’t get hurt

R.  respond    you  have to say can you hear me can you open your eyes and hit the coller bone
A .  airway     you put your little finger in there mouth and tilt there chin
B.   breathing    hand on there chest ear angainst there mouth for 10 seconds if there chest is going up and down that means there breathing
C.   cuts           clean up cut with water use a dressing to heal up the cut


bonfire night poem

plot a plan to kill king James the king of Engaland

giging a tunnel far away

rent a house to stay

barrels of gunpodered rolling all day

nerealy a year they dag this tunnel

fourlks getting the mach to lite it

when the gaurds see him

he was sent king James straight away

no awners the made

now we celebrate this day with poping fireworks

have bright day

firework poem

popping wising dissing wishing singing twinkling  listening ringing thinking brighting

fireworks pop wiss dizz wish sing twink wink list ring ring think bight

pink orange blue red green yellow and purple too

the fireworks remind us about the gunpowder


yesterday we went Weston Super-Mare for lunch . we had fish and ships. I got a new diary. we bought some chistmas presents . sand keeped going in our faces. (it was not very nice) and I have been looking at each other’s blogs and commenting.  I can’t wait infill hallween .

join in

I hope you join in making your halloween poems.

It can be a rhyme

or a mix

a acrosick
or normal .

halloween poem

children wanting chocolate from you

try to meet delvil’s in the night

stuff your face chocolate all around

mums and dads say not to many you will  get sick

dress scary dress the best

haloween comes again

I don’t ever want haloween its scary

boys love it uhhhhgggg


apple store trip

The apple store trip was funny because on the way home everyone starting singing we played on garageband we had partners I was with Billy the apple store trip was brilliant and we might be able to go back in march but it felt like a short day a very short ,  short day but everthing was like lovely games today we got mini apple cupcakes

staying at home :)

were not going anywhere but were making mini cupcakes For cake day.

it will be only ME MUM & EMILY

but Chloe’s at .D.A.V.         dad is doing stuff   mummy is doing  ironing




my great year in (year 2)

I liked it in year 2 we had fun these are some topics we did with miss pickford

scaredy squirrel

black and white

there is some more but its loads . I made year 1 friends but now they are taking our place so were  getting old but we love lerning , playing fun days and gym . they are great days in life and you are part of it so follow our future and live well with your friends



I went swimming it was cold. we went to the frome leisure center . I swam 10 lentghs ……. that’s a lot!!!!!!!!! It was fun. I went with my mum it was great!!!”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my cat charlie

He is black and white. His birthday is on the 1st of march. he has a pink nose and its half  black. he is a boy and he has sharp claws


I went to sand banks. it was sunny.  I went in the kayak. Mrs james  walked by.  The water was cold. I played with the sand. It was so sunny. I made a sandcalsel . lunch was yummy. we went home.

easter acrostic poem

Easter bunny hops about

A chocolate egg hiding just for me

Spring flowers looking pretty in the sun

Together the family meet and eat

Eggs all around such a treat

Rejoice together its Easter time

my holiday

I am looking forward to go on holiday and its nearly my sisters birthday!!

when we are going on holiday somewhere in Devon we are going to go in a hot tub!! we are going to have a great time

things that I did in the holidays

I got a furby for Christmas it talks

Me and my family went to watch in the cinema The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty it was funny I ate lots of popcorn!!

I got lots and lots of chocolate for Christmas it was very very yummy

on Christmas eve I wrote a letter to Santa and he replied but I could not read his writing so my mum read it

School Holiday

It was my big sisters birthday Chloe she was 12, we went out breakfast and tea and my sisters and cousins went to watch snow white and the huntsman. i did not get to watch it because it was to scary.

my Grandad had a car crash so we visited him in hospital ,me and my sister emily ate the rest of his chocolate fingers.

my sister got three birthday cakes she is soooooo lucky.