Reading in York












I went to an Italian restaurant in York and I read my book ‘The girls’ book how to be the best at everything’.

This is a picture of me and Oscar by York Minster.







I flew to the mountains in Switzerland.

I went to Ski-school and  my teacher was called Max. I love skiing.



My Holiday in Wales


We  went to Raglan Castle. The steps in the tower took a long time to walk up. When we got to the top we could see all the cars going by.

Dressing up as a mummy on holiday. We played some games and ate sweets yum-yum, at the Halloween party.


Apple bobbing.

David Walliams

I would like David Walliams to come to our school because because I would like to see more of his books. I want to see his helicopter. It would be really cool if he could come to our school. he could read some of his stories at our school

nunney castle

Yesterday I went to Nunney Castle with Oscar and daddy. We walked down the river without our shoes on and climbed over the wall to get in.  The moat has been cleaned and there was loads of pond weed on the bank and we could see the blue dragonflies and fish.