Matthew’s Poem

Matthew Harris age 9

Always playing tennis and football is fine

Taking no prisoners on the court or pitch

Training every day

Hitting tennis balls as fast as meteors even though I’m a titch

Effortlessly running, strength, speed and agility

Winning, serving aces, scoring is my goal, testing my ability.


Inspirational People. Anne Frank

I am reading The Diary of Anne Frank. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who lived in Holland in Amsterdam during WWII. She lived a very different life because she didn’t dare go outside or make any noise because she was in hiding from the Germans. Hitler’s army were taking families and putting them in concentration camps. Anne’s father decided to take his family into hiding. Their hiding place was called the Annex. The Annex was hidden on top of an office and the entrance was hidden behind a bookcase. Anne loved writing and decided to start a diary. She called her diary Kitty. Anne Frank is inspirational because she teaches you to always have hope. Anne always wanted to be an author and her father made her dream come true. He published her diary for other people to read after the war even through she died in a concentration camp just before the war ended.

My time in Squirrels

I think my literacy has improved . I think the  Olympic topic is the best one of the year. I have loved the fun days because l got a medal.I can’t wait to be a year 3.

Matthew’s reading blog.

The book I read was called Star Striker Titch. I read it on holiday in France at the gite. I loved this book because I like playing football. I played a lot of football on holiday too!



My Christmas holidays.

What a great holiday. It was lots of fun. One of my treat’s was going to see Star Wars. I also went ice skating for the first time. I skated on my own and Tabby went on the seal. It was lots of fun.

Yesterday Carly (my god mother) and Ian came to visit me. Daddy, Ian and I played a cricket game and I won!

David Walliams

I would like David Walliams to come to our school  because I would like to see his helicopter. I like the story when Mr Stinky has a bath in the pond. I would like to hear him in our school. My mum says his stories are hilarious to read.

My Christmas

I really enjoyed my Christmas; I got a dragon (called Toothless) and when you touch his paw he makes a sound like he is snoring.

I went to see my cousins and we played a nerf gun game!  I also had a sleepover at both of my Nanny and Grandad’s houses.

The best thing about Christmas was getting presents and having lots of fun with my family.

My first story

The other day I wrote my first story and I wanted it to go on the blogsite ((Mummy and Daddy only helped with some of the spelling and punctuation!):

‘The hen was in his pen and the star was in the sky, and the sheep and a dinosaur were playing tag and the sheep won.  Then the clouds came in, the sheep was sad.  The dinosaur had an idea when he saw a house and there was a rainbow.  There was a monster, a coconut fell on his head.  Then it was bedtime, they all went to bed.  In the morning they played tag in the living room.  They sat on the chair and watched Star Wars.  Now everyone was happy.  The end.’

By Matthew Harris