Bye Bye Berkley

I have had a EPIC time at Berkley and I bet you will to. Thank you everyone for being so kind to me.

I am a little nervous for Selwood but im sure I will love it!!!!I’m not going to say much about my 5 years there but what I am going to tell you is that
all the teachers are lovely.

Bye Berkley


Ava Photos

I was looking through some photos and I found some of Ava!




My holiday to greece


I went on a holiday to Kos (which is in Greece) The hottest day was probably the second day which was about 34 degrees.
I was with my dads part of the family which includes my Granny,Grandad,Auntie Carrie,Uncle Charlie,Angelo (he is 1 years old)Auntie Nic,Uncle Matthew,Dougie (2 years old),my Mum,Dad,Fred,Ava and me.

I was really fun because we were with lost of my family.We mostly spent all the time in the pool


I went to kids Club alot because it was so fun I was in the lasers and Fred was in Picos.
Every night I would meet my friends at the shack (where kids club is) at about 8:30 and we would play this game called man hunt in the dark all behind the houses.
Man hunt is where someone is the “Man” and all the others hide together and the man has to go and find them and the people that are hiding run away until the man tags you and says man hunt.
One time we all snuck in the restaurant and got brownies and bread we all played until around 9:30 and then our mums or dads came to get them.while we were there it was my dads birthday so we went to reception and asked what do you do for birthdays and they said “cake” so we said can you put “happy birthday brad” on it so they did and it was chocolate cake “Yum yum”.
I also went scuba diving in the swimming pool.





Blogging competition:Belgium

Belgium is a small country which covers an area of 30,528 square kilometres.Its population is around 11 million people.
Belgium is a member of the European Union.People who visit and live in Belgium drive on the right hand side on every road.

Belgium played at the Euro’s Belgium vs Italy they lost 0-2.
Belgium’s prime minister is Charles Michel.

Fossil Festival!!!

Me and my Mum my Dad, Fred and Ava went to a fossil festival at Lyme Regis. My Dad was super excited because he was going to make us walk.
IT WAS FREEZING COLD!When I was there I saw a man using tissue paper to make a dinosaur head with different shades of green.
I also went to a museum and tried on some outfits that they would wear in the olden days (Victorian times).
Near the end of our trip I went to this tent where you could buy fossils I also brought one that is 165 million years old from the Madagascar.


I’m really exited for the residential at Mill On The Brue because Mrs Langton was giving us information about it like what we need to pack and things. It’s 35 days away on Friday so it gets more exiting the moment it comes closer. When I get back I will promise to blog about it!


My Friday!!!!!!

I had a fun day today!
The first thing I did was wake up. After that I went to the wool-pack with my Mum,Fred,Ava and my grandma the wool-pack is a pub/restaurant. I had BBQ ribs my grandma had fish and chips so did Fred. My mum had a pork sandwich and Ava had a chip.


American candy tasted…

I received my candy this morning and I was really exited.I got mum to open it with a sharp knife.
the first thing I did was went to get Fred so he could taste them as well then we started trying the candy. the sour kids berries were my favourite. Even though they were REALLY sour they still tasted nice .my second favourite was the Swedish fish . the fish were different flavours they were lemon raspberry and lime. Third favourite was the Reeses.  fourth was mike an ikes my last favourite was my nerds.

American Candy!

I have ordered some American candy because on YouTube I have been watching some English people tasting American candy.
I have found this American website called AMERICAN FIZZ and basically its a candy i emailed my dad and asked
if i could have some so i chose five pieces of chocolate/sweets and i brought:
I can’t wait until they get here and I am really lucky because my dad got the first class delivery.
But we ordered it on a saturday and they were closed on the weekends so we had to wait until monday.
The first class delivery was a fourty-two hour wait so from monday it took fourty-two hours so it will
come on a wednesday!
Wednesday is tomorrow so i will blog tomorrow to tell you how is tasted.


My book review

My book review is about a book called sleepovers. It is about five girls who all have sleepovers for their birthday’s. Also they are all in a secret club called the alphabet club because that’s their names. A for Amy B for Bella C for Chloe D for Daisy and E for Emily. But Daisy has a sister with special needs and she does’nt want to show her sister to one girl called Chloe. Chloe is a mean, selfish, horrible girl and she is always mean to Daisy. So Daisy does not want to be Chloe’s friend but Daisy is kind so she has to be friends with everyone. Daisy does’nt have a friend because she has just joined the school but she really likes Emily. Daisy is really worried that Chloe will be mean to her sister. But in the end Daisy does have a sleepover Chloe does be mean to Emily’s sister but not as much as Daisy thought she would be.


My weekend!!!!

What I did on the weekend was very fun but when I woke up on the weekend I felt ill because my throat was sore but after a while I felt much better. Me my mum my dad, Ava and Freddie went to the safari park at first we went to see the monkeys and one went on our car!

Then we went through the lions and tigers we saw two tigers growling and fighting at each over last we went through the wolves they looked very scary!!!!!!!!


by Mia

Heavens gate

I went to heavens gate on Sunday the 15th of November.

It was really fun because at first me and Freddie got our wellies on and walked in really deep puddles we went in a really deep one.Freddie  had to get out because his wellies were too short because it was so deep. After that we started walking and Ava was asleep so we had to walk slowly then we reached a rope swing and I went really high and I met a little doggy and then a lot more kids came and dad said “I’m not pushing all these kids!”

Then we started walking back and before we did I went in a bush and there was only one way out which was the way we went in but I wanted to find my own way out so I charged into the side of the bush  and I got hurt a lot but it was very fun!

Then we took our wellies off and dad had to carry all of us into the car even mummy then we all went home and had a nice cup of tea!


My Disney holiday so far!

At Disneyland so far I have had lots of fun hope you have too.

Myself and my family have been to 3 parks which are Hollywood studios typhoon

lagoon and Magic Kingdom.

It is VERY hot yesterday which was the 24th was 37 degrees hope I see you all soon

and have a good holiday!


My swimming gala!

on Saturday I went to a gala at weston-super-mare when I got there i

was terrified because just then dad said

that I should not really be here. you have to be 9 and over.

i only had 2 races to do but it was Reley races and I am quite bad at them

and you were supposed to be 9 or over so I came last in those

but I did have a lot of fun because I met my friends from squad so of course I had fun even if i didn’t win.

anyway. Mia

Who am I?

I’m green and large also yummy

I will taste good in your tum tum tummy!

I’m round and a vegetable can you guess………..





My camping trip to wales!


In the holidays i went to wales to go camping with my Mum,Dad,Freddie and Ava.

the company was called “parkdean” we have been there before with my Nan and Grandad we rate it 10/10

we stayed in a caravan that was already there but it wasn’t one that you tow or drive so we stayed in one of those it was nice and cosy to.

parkdean is Ava first holiday we cant tell but we think she enjoyed it!

The drive was 4 hours but it was worth it.

We loved the entertainment at night and on one night we stayed up to play bingo we nearly won £199 but somebody else had more bingo numbers on there’s but we had fun!



New Sister

Ava Poole 1 week old.


here is my new baby sister,Ava she is very cute as you can see. In those pictures she is about a week old but now she is about a week and a few days.She was born with lots of hair and big blue eyes.

she was born on the 26Th of June on a friday because I woke up and went down stairs to have some bagels but on the way down I saw my grandma and jump I asked her what was going on and she said that mum was having the baby and I cried but a good cry. And that is  my story of AVA! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


David Walliams

David David come to our school you will see that it is really cool. I love David Walliams books I

really want David Walliams to come to our school because he is a very funny talented comedian

I want him to tell us some jokes!

Wishing upon a star!




100 Word Challenge

What christmas means to me is gathering together and celebrating Jesuse’s birthday even know he is not alive you can still remember him because he created this wonderful christmas and all the other one’s.

What christmas means to me is being happy! And having fun. It is not just presents that matter it’s about thinking about Jesus which really matters.What you should sometimes say is instead of christmas christ mas and I respect jesus for creating christ mas and I also respect god for making his son.

what christmas means to me is making sure everybody is thinking of him.

christmas decorations

On saturday we bought a christmas tree. we brought it home and put it up.

then we decorated the house with tinsel and lights and things like that. we decorated mine and Freds rooms .after we done that

we went down stairs and got all snugged up and sat on the sofa and watched a movie


I hope you all have a lovely christmas + teachers


we went camping with fred my mum dad leo jen max and jack

when we got there we stayed in the campervan.

The next day we went for a really really long walk my dad kept saying lets go to baggy point

we went up a big mountain and my mum said we done 4 and a half miles

when we got back to the campsite my mum joked saying lets leave the biscuits for tomorrow’s

10 miles  walk. after that we went swimming and there was a water slide and i went on the waterslide it was scary

we stayed campind for 3 nights and 2 days the 1st night we went to a bar for dinner and after we had dinner we went in the

arcade it was fun you collect tikets and the more tikets you get the bigger prizes



wow day

wow day was the best becuase it was like we were actuly going around the world in 80 days

I thank all the teachers for setting this brillant wow day

i think the next one will be as great.  me and fred loved it and thanks to france freddie now loves brie


Watch out at midnight.

scary spiders crawlling up your body

look in your cuboards and draws some ghost will be waiting for you

your family could be witches and wizards



Me Fred mum and dad we went to longleat it was fun i went on a deathslide in the adventure castle . then we went in the gigantic ball pit after that me and dad done the deadly challenge. i had to do two big challenges. I climed a wall and went through lazers.After that we went and watched the bird show. at the end of the bird show they raised money to help the vultures in the world .we brought a band to help them the birds flew over our heads really fast. they went over my head too.

in the sun

on Saturday i went outside to play in the sun with my brother
my brother was helping my dad and then
when they were finished Fred played with me. he went on his bike and i ran.  we went up a little tiny grass hill in our
drive way then we went down it. i went back
in the house. I went in the conservatory and read my book of horrid Henry

My Holiday

When I  was on holiday I was first place in mini golf . At my  holiday I went to miniclub and I won  two certificates.When I was at my hotel I went swimming every day.I made a friend on holiday she is called lizzy.



I’m going to cornwall with my grandma, grandad and my cousins, my mum , dad and my little brother freddie .We are going to go in 3 weeks. We are staying in a house and I like doing that.

half term

I went to devon with mummy daddy and freddie we went to crealy park  and

paignton zoo it was fun.



































we had bbq at grandmas. it was fun. we had the paddling pool out.