snow day!!!

Super awesome building snowmen

o-one should hate being in snow

Obviously everyone should love sledging

Windy,cold freezing like a blizzard


I fall but never get back up

I’m unique but not a fingerprint

I am sometimes part of a ball but I am not leather

If I get warm enough I go away but I’m not a winter wordrobe

I am sometimes part of a man but I don’t have any skin

What am I?

A snowman!!!



In the snow my dad found one of his old skateboards and he took the wheels of so he could use it as a snowboard then we went to a hill by the Rugby Club then Eloise went down the hill with it and she was doing so well and got so far then…OOF she fell and hurt he face!!

I was just sat on the sledge having a rest while I could and then my dad decided to pull me down the hill I was not at already for it but it was fun. After a fun time in the snow we walked to the Rugby Club with Freddie and Ava. Brad and my Dad we drinking whistle me and Ava were playing on my phone ūüėÄ

When were playing in the snow my mum decided to stay inside (like she always does) while we had the best time ever in the snow!!!!! A couple hours later we had some tea it was delicious we had roast beef with carrots, Yorkshire puddings and potatoes it was awesome and tasty.

My day in the snow was great and I hope yours was to!! ūüėÄ


Hoola dancing trees 100wc

“Why can’t I move?” Toby wondered.

“Wait!Are you all stuck too?” he asked.

“Yeah, none of us can,” replied Sid.

“Oh help us God!” screamed Jack hoping for a reply.

An hour later Jack came up with the most random thing: He wants a doughnut he’s such a poop (No wonder he picks his nose and eats it ). Jack is loves unicorns and hates king-cobras.

“My leafs are falling off!”¬†said Toby.

Half an hour later a rainbow appeared. He thinks and hopes he’ll find a unicorn and ride it up to the moon and back he is such a twit.

by Rosie



So far, my time in Australia has been awesome; We have been to Adventure world with water slides and roller-coasters. My favourite was probably Galiath where you sit in seats and you sit up and down me and Elosie were screaming our heads off but we wanted another go so, before we got ready to leave, my Dad came on with me but he’s a bit of a wimp he usually loves scary rides but he didn’t and me and my Dad went on Abbyss the most scariest ride there. It was a roller coaster that you shoot down and when you went up it went slow. My Dad didn’t like that much but we still went on again and I’m lucky enough that I was just about tall enough. We also went to The Maze and it was a water park with a gigantic maze we did get lost in there but we found our way out but there was one sneaky sign saying ‘this way’ but it led to a dead end. There is a park with a beach called Eden Beach we once went there and a lady told Rochelle (my aunty) that there was a snake crossing a road into the bushes. ¬†A little while later a girl saw something slither in the bushes and soon it came out the bushes we all crowded round the snake while someone called a lady to pick it up. The lady told us it was a Dugite snake; Dugite snakes are as venomous as a cobra but we were more exited and interested in the snake then we were scared.

Australia is amazing I would recommend going there we went to Perth,  its in the western part of Australia.










Badgers class is great!

My time in Badgers has been great!! ¬†On Friday 10th of November, we went to the Apple Store in Bath and we learnt how to use iMovie. We were given a cool Apple t-shirt, I have wanted one for ages!! ¬†Last week I was a news reporter and we asked lots of children questions about what they want to be when they’re older, as on Monday we had a mufti day, where we got to dress up as what we want to be when we are older. ¬†I dressed up as teacher and I wore some fake glasses! Mr Banton even let me be teacher for a little bit! It has been a brilliant time with Badgers!

Pyjamas and bedtime stories

On Wednesday the 1st of March we had an exciting evening planned at school! ¬†The whole school got to come back into school to have bedtime stories & hot chocolates, it was really fun because we go to wear our pyjamas. ¬†All of the teachers read us stories. My favourite was Mrs Hardwick’s poem about the boy who ate chocolate cake. ¬†It was really cosy as we ¬†were all ready for bed!

Australia Days

I have had a lovely holiday in Perth, the weather is great. I have been on a ferry to Rottnest and on the island and we had to ride 10km.  Because I rode so good my dad bought me a new watch.  We went to Dome and had a rainbow cookie with a babychinno.  We have been to a beach with very big waves.  We caught the train and went to Perth city which had some really tall buildings and water fountains


Mr Kirby’s writing club

I really enjoyed Mr Kirby’s writing club because you learn green grass grows quickly and it means adjective, noun, verb, adverb. ¬†You are allowed delicious biscuits and a drink. ¬†Everyone there loves writing club because we learn new things.

My Christmas

I have got what I wanted and I had the best Christmas ever and I didn’t get coal. ¬†My elf on the shelf has gone and I think mum is glad about that because he was very naughty and we think he is the same elf as last year because last year he loved ¬†our Christmas chocolates and he did this year to. ¬†Now I have something new to look forward to witch is Australia.

Advent time is here

I can not wait for Christmas.Our elf on the shelf has been very naughty this year and he was last year.We have our Christmas decorations and our tree up. There is a lot under our tree but it is not for us. On Tuesday eving Santa clause is coming to frome in his slay.

Competition for Harvest Festival

These are the words I have made for the harvest festival.























My ballet results

On Saturday I got my ballet result.  We all have shown our dance to our parents.  I passed my exam,with a merit,I was only 3 marks away from getting a distinction,which is the top mark!

Our teacher Nicola gave us a medals and certificates.  Afterworeds me,Eloise,mummy and daddy went to a restaurant for lunch.  I had steak,chip,peas and lots of ice-cream.

My ballet exam


yesterday I went to ballet so I could do my ballet exam.  I had to have my hair in bun.  The examiner was helpful and kind.  I think I did well we get our results in a few weeks  Eloise did three exams they were tap ballet and street dance.


I can not wait because I’m going to start gymnastics In september. ¬† I’m going to go to gymfinity.


Reading in an unusual place!

Today I went to art club at school. I made a pencil holder. I hade a really good time and I even got to read my book in Miss Chantlers headteachers chair it was very comfy!

I also got star of the day! I got to choose 3 prizes and 5 sweets!




Hello Squirrels

Hello Squirrels class.

It is great here in Australia. I am playing with my cousin Noah lots. My brother Rio tried to talk to some parrots but they didn’t reply! I love Hillarys, the beach and harbour and have been swimming lots. Eloise was a bit afraid at first but we have learnt to be safe in the water and daddy has bought us some floats. Hopefully I will have a tan when I come home!


I am very excited because I am going to Australia. ¬†I ¬† Really want to see Noah my baby cousin. ¬†I really want to see a kangeroo. I’m going on a plane for 21 hours on two planes. We will ¬†definitely go to the beach and hopefully not get eaten by a shark!!!!!

I will miss you all

Center Parcs

I went to Center Parcs.We went swimming, me and ¬†Eloise went on a green slide. ¬†At first Eloise did’t want to go on it. ¬†I went on with daddy first then I had another go and I went on with mummy. ¬†It was fun but a bit scary.

We also went on a boat! Because there was 8 of us we had 2 boats.  I went on with ,mummy, daddy and Eloise.  Daddy and Eloise had to pedal in the back and we went fast.

We played mini golf and I won.

We had tea then we went swimming.  there was Rapids and big waves in the pool we went to the outside pool it was nice and warm.

We got some sweets on the way out.

daddy let us get ice cream.  But it was way to cold to have ice craem.

Christmas Cookies

I made my cookies for Santa they were very sticky.Me and Eloise got to try the cookies they were very good they were big. I bought them at the Christmas Fayre. We are going to leave for Santa tonight.

Christmas Santa

I loved the Christmas school dinner It was amazing.the best part was the cake.

I loved the party and I got a lovely present from Santa.



I went to a bojangles ballet,street,tap and breakdance show.I won a trophy.

I danced to frozen and thriller.I liked it very much.It was very fun.I liked my dress very much.It was very pretty.

David Walliams

David Walliams please come to our school as my mum will be so pleased as she fancies

you!………yuck. ¬†Love Rosie-Mae ……..I am 5 don’t you know!