Christmas Blogging Competition

During the Christmas holidays I was really kind to my Sister at a funday, and I helped her find the toilet because it was her first time going.I also helped some younger children with different activities. As a result of my behaviour I was star of the day.

How to Succeed in the World Cup

Be brave and keep doing what you have been doing through out qualification. Keep seeking advice from past legends.  Unite the England Team, and play as one. Train hard, eat healthy, and have early nights. Work on relationships off pitch to improve better play on pitch. England is the best.

Rocking Ryan’s Poem

R.        Reading  I love to do.

Y.         Yummy  that’s me through and through.

A.         Adventurous I can be, when I climb a  tree.

N.         Naughty, now that’s not me as you can see.

Who has made an impression on me?

During my music lessons we have been listening to Beethoven’s music. I like some of his music, as it can be dramatic. He’s inspired me as he still wrote music when he sadly became deaf, what a clever man.

Ryan.K’s Jokes

What is yellow, and smells of bananas ?
Monkey Sick!!!!

Why can’t the turkey eat on Christmas Day?
Because it’s stuffed!!!


The reason that I have choosen Italy is because two of my friends originate from Italy.
So I decided to find out more.
Italy has a population of 61.3 million people.
The captial city of Italy is Rome.
The countries flag consists of three bands of colour green,white,red.
Italy is easy to find on a world map, as the country is shaped like a high-heeled boot.
Another football competition the World Cup was hosted by Italy in 1990.

Reading in an unusual Place


I chose to read this book which is one of my favourites, sat in one of my favourite places- slide at the park with my Mummy. The book is about a Monster  which saves a little boy, he is big, hairy, but not very scarey.