Easter Blogging Competition by Sophie

Early morning spring sunshine covers the land in gold.
Animals spring across the meadows.
Songs from the chirping birds spread over the land.
Trips out for family fun.
Easter egg hunters are curiously searching high and low.
Roasting dinner to celebrate Easter with family and friends.



My cat Teddy is so cute.If you see her you would want to cuddle her. Some times teddy is very norty .Like when she scraches the  sofa and jumps on the other cats.  Some times we think she is just playing but she is so frisky and the other cats dont like it.

Great Fun

when we went to see the torch it was really fun . i got a green twerly ribbon but the man dropped it on the road then i picked it up. i thought the  torch looked really cool i.t was shiny. it was golden. when the torch came i was really excited .then we had  are lunch with another school.

Toy Museum

On the school trip we went to the toy museum. I played with the tea set.Next  I played with the wooden bricks.