Mr Walliams I read your books all time.  They are fantabulous (made up word alert) and I can’t get away from them.  At the moment i’m reading Demon Dentist. My favourite character is the headteacher Mr Grey.  I would love to hear you read because your fabulous expression inspires me.



































































On Christmas morning every year, I run into Mum and Dads bedroom with my brown stocking, filled to the top too heavy for me to carry across the landing.  After opening my presents upstairs we come downstairs and open the presents but they’re big presents.  After that we go to my Grandma and Grandads house to have the best roast dinner in the world.  We always see my aunties, uncles and my cousins. When we come home and its dark so we turn the lights on we also put the fire on and its all snuggy and thats my Christmas.



















































I went to Bristol Zoo today .  Mum, Dad, Abi and I watched two Lions pacing about in there enclosure we also saw fruit bats hanging around.  Then I spotted a red panda eating some apple and mango while staring at lots of people.  At the Gorilla enclosure the were being fed FACT: Gorillas are vegetarian. Meerkats were busy digging in the sand so Abi and I climbed into the viewing domes to get really close to a baby one, he was so cute!  We were walking past a bird cage and heard a hilarious voice say “HELLO” we turned round and saw a blue and green parrot named sky.  Whenever we shouted “BYE” he would shout back “HELLO” .  My day at Bristol Zoo was really cool and I hope all the animals stay well.


I went to Longrock which is in Cornwall.  I went to a beach called Poldhu,  I watched some people learn to surf and then the next day Mum, Dad , Abi and I learnt to surf.  First we warmed up by running around the beach, we dived into the sea to get ourselves used to the water and get ourselves wet.  Next we learnt about something called a riptide and safety in the sea.  After that he told us how to kneel up and I did it first time.  Finally are instructor Keith taught us how to stand up and it was quite easy for me because the third time I tried I stood up it was really cool to be able to surf  and I would definately do it again.



C aves surrounded by cold ruff water

O ften find me eating pasties

R ockpool rummaging all day long

N ight skys while walking under the illuminating moon

W etsuits keep me warm while surfing in the sea

A dventures on the soft cornish sand

L icking ice creams while walking a narrow coastal path

L ove cornwall in every way

Camping with my friends

Last weekend me, my friends and my family went camping . It was in Dorset  and we camped on Norden farm.While the parents put up the tents all the children played on there bikes and scooters also splashed in muddy puddles which i called the welly wash.That night for dinner we had Mrs Hirons lovely, homemade pulled pork. All the children got changed into their nightwear also every child had a head torch so we played with the head torches on so we could see. I had a tiring day today but it was a lovely day as well!

On Saturday we woke up and ate a  lovely breakfast which included: eggs, sausages, beans, bacon and toast.Once everyone was dressed all the children cycled and scootered down to the little farm shop to buy some sweets.After that we had a lovely walk to Corfe Castle. Later  that day we went to a beach and got an ice-cream I had dairy milk chocolate flavour. We went to the arcade and I won 3 lollies and a dragon ornament. I had a pasty for lunch.  Mum and Ruth made us spaghetti bolognese for teatime.  

When I woke up Sunday morning I had biscuits in bed.  We tried to catch the bus but it was so full it didn’t stop.  So we went on the train and played on Swanage beach in the sunshine.  My dad and I made a dolphin with sand. We went on the train back to Corfe Castle and I had cod and chips for my tea.  We could see the castle from the pub garden.

I had a fabulous weekend in my wellies with all my friends and mums and dads…



Easter Poem

E aster represents

A loved man called Jesus

S o that’s why we

T ell the story of how he died on the cross and now

E veryone celebrates  the

R  esurrection of Jesus


When I went to Cornwall I did lots of fun things like: Crabbing, walking/beach, playing and I fed ducks,  cormorants, swans and seagulls. I went on a ferry to Falmouth which we could see from our backyard. We had a day out to St Ives and we did a pirate walk around the harbour, it was really fun. While on the walk we saw Dolphins playing in the sea and a seal near the rocks. I had some delicious foods there. I had a lovely time in Cornwall.  When I got home I got a postcard from Hattie which gave me a big smile!!!

Twelve Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me

Twelve holly’s hanging,

Eleven elf’s a wrapping,

Ten turkeys roasting,

Nine carolers knocking ,

Eight icy icicles,

Seven stuffed stockings,

Six slippery snowman,

Five mince pies,

Four festive familys,

Three thirsty reindeers,

Two robbin red-breasts

and a ……

Santa flying in his sleigh……….

By Yasmin

Puppet Day

I really enjoyed Puppet day, it was so much fun making my cat and performing it in front of the whole school. I appreciated John coming to our school to show and help us all to create our shadow puppets.

When I got home I set up my own show using my cat and a torch to show my Dad.



Disneyland Paris

Over half term my family and I went to Disneyland Paris. I got lots of character autograph and were Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Mary Poppins, Geppetto, Duffy bear, Flagada Jones, Chip n Dale.

I did lots of Thrill rides while I was there including Tower of Terror, Arrowsmith, Big Thunder mountain and Crush’s coaster, they were awesome!

The Disney parades are so beautiful with lots of  detail having  music and dancing which are fun to watch.

The Disney Dreams fireworks and laser show was amazing. It was projected onto the Enchanted castle and fountains which made it look like the castle was moving.

at bristal

I went to At bristal mum,polly, zoe,ruth came with me. At bristal is a massive science museum. It is orsome. we got to do every thing.


At bristol

I went to at bristol with Zoe,Polly,Ruth and Mum.At bristol is a masive science place.We all made some butter , even the mums made butter and we had it with some crakers.

My day off…..

Today I went to @Bristol with Polly and Zoe. It was so interesting I loved all of it. We learnt about our body, how to make films and all about stars in the sky. We made some butter by whisking double cream.We used the electric whisk,hand whisk,normal whisk and a spatula.The electric whisk was the quickest way. We tried the butter on crackers and it was delicious. I am really tired out now it was such a busy day looking, learning and trying different things. Its a great place to go. I would love to go there again.

Cornwall days 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Day 5
We went to Falmouth in the rain:( we looked around and had fish and chips for lunch at a famous restaurant called Rick Steins.

Day 6
We walked along to Mutton cove and saw seals being lazy on the beach. We saw some little ones swimming in the shallow water. It was very sunny:) We had lunch on the way back in a cafe on the beach.

Day 7
We went to a fish shop and bought fresh prawns and squid. I tried the squid and it was lovely.

Day 8
Daddy booked us to stay another night in a hotel..We left the beach house and drove to Porth. We went for a huge walk and flew our kites.

Day 9
After breakfast we had to leave:( We went to Padstow and bought some rock and fudge and then stopped for lunch on the way home. I slept all the way back. I loved my holiday but was looking forward to picking up my cat.



Holiday in Cornwall Days 3 and 4

Today we had a another walk and  we walked five miles we also had lunch at the surf shack. The next day we went  on the train to st ives .We also were lucky because we saw dolphins! And we played on arcade games and I got a lot of two pees. We had pancakes and nutella .


Holiday In Cornwall Days 1 and 2

I  am in Cornwall with jan Gary mummy and daddy, Abi  and murphy .The first day we relaxed and explored the house and unpaked for tea we had pizza. The next day we had two walks on the beach.we went out for sunday lunch.We saw some wild shetland ponies.

Fun with Robot Snowman

Me, Abi and daddy built a robot snowman. He is our new pal. We used snow, lids, twigs and tinfoil. He is very cuddly and smooth. He is lots of company. I love him.

. .

Winter Wonderland Walk

On friday when school was closed me, mummy, daddy,  Abi ,mrs wheeler, mrs harding and mrs hirons and the dogs had a winter wonderland walk. Me and Abi played on our sleighs down the hill. Daddy pushed us down the hill and we kept falling off them.

forest schools

I really liked going on the swing and I enjoyed the climbing frame even though my welly got stuck and I had a little bit of trouble getting it out. The lady had a roses tin, I thought we were having chocolates but it was full of biscuits to squish with our marshmallows. But first we had to toast them. I took home a big long stick. I hope Murphy doesn’t chew it. Cant wait week for next week .

Birthday Treat

On Saturday I went to Horseworld with Abi and my best friend Zoe. One of the horses sneezed on me and Zoe. I fell in love with Mr Biggles the pony and I wished I could bring him home he was so cute. The lady let me feed him a treat. We had lunch and I got a free toy horse inside my box and Daddy bought me another pony from the gift shop and I called it sugar because it looks like sugar on it’s back. One day we are going to make cakes to sell and raise money for horseworld. I can’t wait to be 6 tomorrow.

The funest day at school

The day we had today today was fabulous. We were looking and searching on the field for clues about a creature or monster that visited the field. I found some blood and some paw prints. I drew a picture of a colourful bunny dragon. I think that’s what visited the field and I used my imagination. I hope everyone enjoyed the day the same as me.

Longleat trip

I went on a Christmas train that took me to see Father Christmas who gave me a present.  I went in Longleat house and I saw Scrooge, Sleeping Beauty, two fairies and Cinderella who was dancing with Prince Charming.  I had my picture taken with them and I told Cinderella ‘I like your beautiful dress’.  It was blue and pink.  Outside was an enormous magical singing Christmas tree.  My favourite thing of the day was writing a wish that I hung on the wishing tree.