Brokerswood Trip

On Monday we went on a school trip to brokerswood.First we got on the coach.Everyone was excited.When we got there a lady showed us a compass and a map.Then she played true or false. She said that a compass works best on your head true or false it was false.She showed us the right way up to hold are map.Next we went minibeast hunting.I found four milpeads and a squiggly thing which  was a centipede.After that we drew a map with a lady.First we drew the middle path then the stream and if you wanted to be clever you could draw it squiggly .there was two secret paths then we drew the bridge and tested it with a friend.Then it was lunch. I was the only person standing up but it did not put me off  my lunch. I was happy because I had crisps.After lunch we went looking for animals with names.On the last clue Aimee fell over and rolled in the mud.When we got on the coach Aimees wellies could’nt come off.

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