Captain Rat #100wc

“Oi! you Captain Rat, let us get free!”

“No you aren’t going anywhere oh and by the way be quiet!”

“No we will not be quiet and by the way you be quiet and get us out of here. I like your lime boat and we will throw you overboard so get us out of here because Me, Jamie, John and Matt are starving to death!”

“Where do you possibly want to go?”

“To the magic clock show of course!”

“Can I come to?”

“Yes of course.”

Thank you so much boys,” said Captain Rat excitedly.

The end.



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  1. Hi Laila
    I love this great 100 word challenge and I especially like that you have written it as a drama script. You have used speech so effectively to paint a picture and tell the story and I can see this in my mind being acted out on stage. You’ve also managed to creat some memorable characters and through your writing we gain insight into these especially Captain Rat who goes from being mean at the start to being excited at the end. Well done.
    Ms O’Keeffe Team 100wc
    Galway Ireland

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