Why did the boy take a ladder to school?

Because he thought it was a high school!!!


Why are leopards so bad at playing hide and seek?

Because they’re always spotted!!!

Our trip to Liverpool Football Club!

On Saturday we went to Anfield, to watch Liverpool Fc Legends V Real Madrid Fc Legends.
It was a very long journey, but it was made better by Liverpool winning 4-3!.
The stadium was Amazing and we had a great view, also I got to see Goodison park, the home of Everton Fc.


Badgers visitors

Badgers had some very special guests visit them on Friday – guinea pigs!

What a night!!!

The night that dad took me to meet DAVID SEAMAN AND LEE DICKSON was one of the best of mine and my brother Henry’s lives. For anyone who doesn’t know, they are Arsenal and England footballing legends.
When I got there I was so EXCITED!!!! I just couldn’t wait .When I got in I saw Mrs Hirons and her husband. She asked us for a couple of facts. We told her about the save David Seamen made against Sheffield Wednesday.
They came on to the stage and we got to sit right at the front. Daddy spoke to them and they all laughed. They told us all stories about Ian Wright and Martin Keown.
The funniest moment was when they told us about a prank they played on Ian Wright.
Afterwards Henry and I got to meet the legends and chat with them.
It was the very best thing you could imagine!

The Radio and the Holiday

When I went on the radio I was nervous to say something I thought I might get it wrong but when I talked about the news I was proud of myself when I finished. I enjoyed the day as I had friends to keep me company and we played games. Mr Banton helped me with my words and Mrs Hirons said come on boys you can do it for Berkley!

Thank you for a nice day.
I have had fun in the holidays, I went to Ellis’s birthday party, I felt really happy as I scored a strike at bowling. On Tuesday I went to circuits with my mum and Beth and I joined in, it was really hard. Then we went to the cinema to watch Sing, it was very good. I went to Flip out on the next day, I landed my front flip on the trampoline. After flip out Macauley came to my house we had lots of fun.


Radio Show

Last Thursday I went on the radio at Oakfield school. It was for e-safety.  I was talking about Donald Trump.  I loved it there, it made me remember about my first time on the radio at Westwood school. I want to give a big thank you to Mrs Hirons and Mr Banton for looking after me.


Bath rugby

On Saturday I went to watch Bath rugby play against Pau. It was really good and before the match I got four autographs from the players and played crazy golf. I got a hole in one! At half time I did the pitch parade and was given a flag. We won by a lot, the score was 69 – 10 to Bath. It was very cold, but after the match I stayed to get lots more autographs and photos. I got 15 autographs!! I am watching Bath again soon play against Leicester at Twickenham and I can’t wait!

Christmas Crafts Week 1 – Christmas Puddings!

Devon Holiday

We went to Devon on holiday.  We had an amazing time and I will show you some pictures.

My ballet results

On Saturday I got my ballet result.  We all have shown our dance to our parents.  I passed my exam,with a merit,I was only 3 marks away from getting a distinction,which is the top mark!

Our teacher Nicola gave us a medals and certificates.  Afterworeds me,Eloise,mummy and daddy went to a restaurant for lunch.  I had steak,chip,peas and lots of ice-cream.

Squirrel Bake off!

We have spend the morning learning to make bread. We have made Hedgehog bread rolls!

A lovely afternoon in Badgers


Well done to Badgers for sketching beautiful pictures of the Hindu Gods. You have also taught me some very interesting facts today. It was nice to celebrate by reading in the autumn sunshine!



The start of a new week

The sun is rising over the outdoor classroom to indicate the start of an exciting new weeks’s learning in Berkley school! The goals have been put into place (sorry…I couldn’t resist!)





On Friday we went to the apple store as a school trip.

We used the iPads. On the iPads we used iMovie and we made videos of us acting as villains super heroes and spies.

Thank you Mrs Hirons for taking us and thank you to the apple store for having us.

David Walliams!!!!

On Saturday I went to see David Walliams as part of the Bath children’s literature festival. He read from 3 of his books, Gangsta Granny, Ratburger and Windy Mindy. He was very funny. Afterwards we bought 2 books that he had signed.


My ballet exam


yesterday I went to ballet so I could do my ballet exam.  I had to have my hair in bun.  The examiner was helpful and kind.  I think I did well we get our results in a few weeks  Eloise did three exams they were tap ballet and street dance.

Squirrel Class – The first three weeks


We have enjoyed our first three weeks of the Autumn term. We have planted like Percy, learned about the trees, experimented with mixing paint to match the colours of the seasons and sharpened our maths skills. Great learning Squirrel Class!

SWIM 1 MILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On sunday I swam 1 mile. It took me an hour and a half.

I was so puffed out. My towel got too wet so I had to borrow a towel from my teacher Simone.

I swam 110 laps and I raised money for charity.


I saw Mrs Hirons and Mrs James.




A day in the life of……

When I went to school , when it was near the end of the day I went BMXing at school. I was proud of myself and when I did it I rode in a little area and then a big area. . Everyone was watching means people in Squirrels were watching through the window. Mummy was right there. Then Mrs Rayner asked everyone to come outside and watch. I am blogging under the kitchen table.

My gymnastics competition

I went to a gymnastics competition in street with Jo,Hattie,Rosie and Mum. I was in round 1 with my friends Libby and Lottie. We had to do a floor routine and the vault. My score’s were 8.8 in vault and 7.6 in floor.  When the lady said level 2 year 4 I got really excited. She called out 3rd place Libby Brothertson and Eloise Rushton! I was so happy and I saw mum SCREAMING YAAAAYYY!! Then she called out 1st place Lottie Farndale then we screamed!!I got a gold too

here are some photos


Ava Photos

I was looking through some photos and I found some of Ava!




Football Awards

On Saturday my Nan, Henry and I went to the Frome Collegians Family Fun Day.
There were lots of games there and my friends and I played football. Some people threw wet sponges at Lee, our coach!
Finally it started to rain so we went in the tent, it was time for the award presentation!!
I started to get butterflies in my tummy because I was really  hoping to get a trophy but didn’t know if I would …
Suddenly I heard Lee call my name ‘And the winner of the Player of the Year goes to Rudy Ford’!!!
It was one of the proudest moments of my life.

My holiday to greece


I went on a holiday to Kos (which is in Greece) The hottest day was probably the second day which was about 34 degrees.
I was with my dads part of the family which includes my Granny,Grandad,Auntie Carrie,Uncle Charlie,Angelo (he is 1 years old)Auntie Nic,Uncle Matthew,Dougie (2 years old),my Mum,Dad,Fred,Ava and me.

I was really fun because we were with lost of my family.We mostly spent all the time in the pool


I went to kids Club alot because it was so fun I was in the lasers and Fred was in Picos.
Every night I would meet my friends at the shack (where kids club is) at about 8:30 and we would play this game called man hunt in the dark all behind the houses.
Man hunt is where someone is the “Man” and all the others hide together and the man has to go and find them and the people that are hiding run away until the man tags you and says man hunt.
One time we all snuck in the restaurant and got brownies and bread we all played until around 9:30 and then our mums or dads came to get them.while we were there it was my dads birthday so we went to reception and asked what do you do for birthdays and they said “cake” so we said can you put “happy birthday brad” on it so they did and it was chocolate cake “Yum yum”.
I also went scuba diving in the swimming pool.





Blogging competition:Belgium

Belgium is a small country which covers an area of 30,528 square kilometres.Its population is around 11 million people.
Belgium is a member of the European Union.People who visit and live in Belgium drive on the right hand side on every road.

Belgium played at the Euro’s Belgium vs Italy they lost 0-2.
Belgium’s prime minister is Charles Michel.


In the sweepstake I got ENGLAND.  On Minecraft I did a very cool thing I made the Euro Trophy,  a football, the ENGLAND flag and a football boot.

Reading in an unusual place

I went to Open Farm Sunday with my family and I read my Tractor Ted in Summertime book, in the wheel of a tractor, in the wheel of a combine harvester and on a tractor and trailer ride! The wheels made good seats!



Reading at Portland Bill. I love the monsters in Goosebumps

Reading in an unusual place

I read my favorite book A squash and a Squeeze up in my tree house. I chose to read it up there because inside my tree house is a squash and a squeeze!


Reading in garden tent.

I enjoyed the reading in unusual places. My favourite book was Don’t be silly and my favourite place to read it was our garden tent.

Reading in an unusual place

I read Horrid Henry with my mum. It was about him having an adventure, so I read it when I went on an adventure with my family.


Reading in an unusual place

At half term I went to Cornwall. I read one of my favourite books, The Snail and the Whale on the beach and also at Lands End.

Reading in an unusual place

We went on a mini road trip. It started with shopping at Bristol and then we travelled to Nuneaton to see my dads family. We stayed over in a hotel. I read monsters university to keep me occupied all the journey as it makes me and my mum laugh.


Reading in unusual places!!

The book I chose was Robin Hood! We went to heavens gate , this is one of my favourite places. I could not decide where to read my book. I read a page on the stones to my brother and some more on the rope swing , a tree  then I finished the rest on a really high stone it was so scary I nearly fell off!

Reading in York












I went to an Italian restaurant in York and I read my book ‘The girls’ book how to be the best at everything’.

This is a picture of me and Oscar by York Minster.






Reading in unusual places


I read my book about Biff, Chip and Gran going to a castle at a castle!



Reading in an unusual Place


I chose to read this book which is one of my favourites, sat in one of my favourite places- slide at the park with my Mummy. The book is about a Monster  which saves a little boy, he is big, hairy, but not very scarey.




Reading in an unusual place.

The book I chose to read was diary of a wimpy kid

i was with my nan and my brother when I read this book

we were sat on a bench by the river Frome on are bottom garden





Reading in an unusual place!

Today I went to art club at school. I made a pencil holder. I hade a really good time and I even got to read my book in Miss Chantlers headteachers chair it was very comfy!

I also got star of the day! I got to choose 3 prizes and 5 sweets!




Dirty Bertie MUD!

I chose this book because I like the front cover.
I liked this story because It Is about Football.
I liked reading my book in sunshine in my granny’s garden.



Unusual place to read

Today we went to my Nan’s to read one of my favourite books in a unusual place, I chose ‘tiddler tiddler’ and my mum chose to put me in a lilo to read my book in nan’s huge pond, so we could read tiddler tiddler to the fish!

tiddler tiddler  is about a little fish that makes up stories to say why he’s late for school, and one day he gets caught in a fish net and gets lost but finds his way home from other fish telling his made up stories.  When he finally gets to school he says why he was late, but no one believes him because of all the stories he’s made up.

i enjoyed it so much and so did my Nan’s fish!