Fantastic Football

Mrs Langton and I were so proud of the football team on Thursday evening. The team played Bishop Henderson school at Coleford and, if you have read Mr James’ blog you will see that , they won convincingly 6 -1. How fantastic!!!

Winning is always great but the thing that made Mrs Langton and me so pleased was the way in which the team played. They were terrific sports – they supported one another well and were really encouraging. They shared the ball around and you can see this was a good strategy from the goal scoring results. I watched them talking and passing and running and really thinking about what they were doing. It was brilliant to see and I stood them all up in Good Work Assembly on Friday and we gave them a clap. Mrs B was on a course but I’m sure she won’t mind that I’ve promised them all one of her special ‘Head Teacher Award’ stickers!!

I can’t wait until the next match!!! A special thank you to Mr James too.

Mrs White

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