Getting a hamster.

On my birthday my mum and dad got me a hamster cage.So after school we went to the pet shop and got a golden sirran.So I got him.I got him straight away because he had been in the pet shop five months. When I got him the pet shop owners told me his name was Tufty because when he falls he is tuff.The next day I put him in his ball.Sadly five months later he died.Then I got a black and white one and I called it Rolly because he is good in his ball.The next day I put him in his ball.Sadly he died four months later.Dad buried Tufty in my sisters flowerbed and Rolly in front of the wendey house.So on the 8.10.14 we got anther hamster. Insted of a male we got a female.They only got her on the 7.10.14 and they to have it a week before they can sell it.So we reserved it and on the 15.10.14.

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