One Day !

One day (Tuesday 20th January 2015) I went to Londen because my auntie had David Walliams going to her school. so we went there by train it felt like AGES! when we got there we went on the tube and got to where we were going. we had lunch and then went to the school we went in and we were a bit early so we got sent out to walk down the river.we came back and got put in the hall where we where meeting him. then after a moment or 2 we saw him…

He came in and answered some questions and then he read a part of gangsta granny he read the part where granny pretends to do naked yoga. And plus the BEST part was that only me and beau got a photo with him by ourselves!!!!!

Then when it finished we went to the pub and had lemonade it was so nice we stayed there for a bit then when our auntie had finished work we whet to pick her up then we went to a pizza place called LETS EAT! and had some pizzas and icecream then we went to the train station and went home!

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