kayleighs house

On Saturday I went to Kayleigh’s house we had a water fight.When we  were having the water fight we kept on getting her  wet with the water shooters.After that we rode on her bikes we had to try & get Lauren, Kayleigh’s middle size sister.Next  doors  car wasn’ there so we rode up and down the drive.When I was coming down I thought  I was going to bump into Lauren & so I fell off the bike.I was all right. We went back on the bikes again and sicled around.Kayleigh has a den out the front . Every time I go to Kayleighs house we all ways go into the den and we sit on the wood.After that we went out the front and played on the swings and talking about things at school and at home.When we had finished talking we held the ginnipigs. I held MR TOFFEE and KAYLEIGH held Garry. I made mrs toffee dance and Kayleigh made Garry dance it was funny.After that we made these animals you put tissue papper and other stuff I made a chicken it had a yellow beak.When we finished we went in the bath Kayleigh pretended there was a shark & IT MADE ME SCREAM !!!

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