Lego movie

Dear Badgers class.

On the 21 of february I went to see the lego movie.

The lego movie is about a workman who has lost his instructions of how to be a normal person.So he went after them and when he found them he saw a robber.

He saw his instructions on the floor.It said if robbers seen report to boss.So he was just about to report when the robber took of the mask and it was a beautiful girl.The man stood watching for a bit.Then chased her.The man fell down a hidden tunle.When he got to the bottom of the tunle he lost his instruuctions which said dont touch stuff that you dont know what it can do.He saw a golden spiks and he touched it.The next thing he knew he was in a police stashon with a thing on his back which can destroy the world.The police were asking him questuns.The man said no to all of the questuns they asked him because he did not know how he got there and what happend to him. Luckily for him the beautiful girl came and saved him.When they got back in the city they had a talk.The talk was about the ordnery person being a special one.He was actually the most powerful brik bilder left on the planet.He had the power the strenth and the cofendens.










































































































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