When you go to longleat you have to have a card on it you have to get your picture taken and then that will be put on the card.So every time you would like to visit longleat you can proudly show your card. But if you didn’t have a card you would have to pay .

If you wanted to go on something and your mum and dad said you’re allowed to, then you would  show your card.

When we went we went on an easter egg hunt you had to try & find an egg with a letter on &  you had a sheet with eggs on and you put the letter on the eggs & it gradually made a word. It was daffodils .When we finished the hunt we went & got a  cream  egg I didnt like it that much.

It was an alice & wonderland day we went and had to find our way out and when we where looking we saw the Queen of hearts and guess what she said we were aloud to cheet so we cheeted by steping over the little bushes.Then when we got out of there  we were looking fo the white rabbit but we couldnt find him any where Henry &Rudy really wanted to go on the train so we went on it.When we were in the middle bit we saw the white rabbit he gave everyone an book with stickers in and question in it.

Then after that we went home.

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