My birthday and party

It was my birthday on the 3rd of October. I had Zoe round for a sleepover and I also had my friends called Sophie,Josie and Millie. We watched a movie called we brought a zoo. Zoe slept up in with me in my high bed. In the morning we started to watched another movie and we had breakfast in bed witch was awsome. After that we did some of this thing called Doh Vinchi witch is play doh.Then we went to play outside and we knocked for Mia and played with her for a bit. After Zoe went home Gracie-May came to pick me up to go to the Cinema with her Couins called Jack and Gabi. We watched the box trolls witch was amazing.I went back to Gracie-Mays house for a sleepover and we made our own pizzas which were really yummy! Afterwards me and Gracie-May went up to her room to watch lots of movies until we fell alsleep. When we woke up  we went on our roller skates and then went to the park and played until I had to go home. When it was thursday the 9th of October it was my party and I had a roller skating party. Freya,Zoe,Yasy,Gracie-May,Lily,Hugo,Ameila,Josie and Sophie. The bad thing was the place that it is normaly it had a broken fire door so we had to do it in the sports center in the main hall but we had are dinner in the place that it is normaly in and we had some of my birthday cake which was really YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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