my birthday party

On the 29th of March I had a birthday party. Sophie, Holly, Maddie, Ruby, Kayleigh, Aimee and IzzyN came It was a pampering party.

We had our finger nails and toe nails painted. The lady did 180 nails altogether! Another lady came to do our hair. Most of us had 2 french plaits and Maddie and Kayleigh had high pony tails curled. We danced to 1Direction songs. That was fun.

I gave out menus when we were at school.They had to give them back to me when they had chosen and ticked what they wanted. Mum made us each our chosen main, desert and drink. It was delicious.

After we had tea we put some Michael Morpurgo books out and each guest got to choose which one they wanted.  I chose first and decided on ‘An Elephant in the Garden’ (elephants are my favourite animals).

We played a dancing game on the Wii. Whenever somone wanted they joined in on the dance, eventually it was just me, Izzy, Sophie and Holly so we carried on dancing it was the best day ever!

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  1. Oh wow Issy! It sounds as if you had a really wonderful day! My birthday is coming up. Do you think I should organise something similar for me and my friends?
    Mrs White

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