My whole life of Berkley

My whole life at Berkley is brilliant.

In Rabbits all of my teachers were so kind and I loved reading and it was so fun and I loved playing with playdoh inside. Outside I loved playing with my best friends. We used to play on the colour stepping stones. We did fun activities like painting and doing like Christmas stuff and Easter, Halloween and things like that.

In Squirrels all the teacher’s were so kind as well. I loved the teachers as well. I loved reading and Squirrels class was so fun to play in. I love doing art it was so so so so much fun. At the Christmas nativity we were dressed up and all things for Christmas and I loved it so much. I love the teachers. THEY ARE THE BEST.

In Badger’s which I’m in now. I’m a year 3 and I’ve stayed in badger’s class but its the best class ever. All the teacher’s are so nice in Badgers. All of the teacher’s in Berkley are so so so nice. We made cookies.

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