Pirate party

On Sunday the 20th I had a pirate party. There was face painting and I had a skeleton. Issy had a pirate face paint.

We had a competition to see who had the best pirate costume, the best boy was Caiden and the best girl was Maisie. Everyone was brilliant but Caiden and Maise just looked great.

We played musical statues and musical bumps, that was really good.  We had a competition to see who could do the best Gangnam Style dance, Izzy won that she was really funny.

We had this BRILLIANT  cake that Naomi made. Basically it was a pirate cake but made out of chocolate fingers with vanilla inside. That was really hard to cut up so we had another chocolate cake that we put in the party bags. Nearly everyone was dancing, my dad was DJ he’s really good.

In the party bags the girls had a plastic egg with either different colour chicks or bracelets my sister Issy had made, inside. The boys ether got a stretchy alien, bouncing putty or a car and a balloon that you blow up and punch! All the bags had some sweets and chocolate  and a piece of cake inside too. That was the best party I ever had.

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  1. How was your day ? Takoda

    Really good. Rudy

    I wish I could come but I was on holiday Lilia

    How tasty was your cake? Dylan
    It was really yummy Rudy

    Did you dance? Harvey
    I did 100 dances Rudy

    Where did you get your facepaints ? Macauley
    Beau’s mum Rudy

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