Wookey hole

Eloise and I went to wookey hole we went into the mirror maze!!!!!!
We looked so silly, we looked so diddy the next thing we know we were chubby and then tall it was great fun. Eloise and I found some gems yellow,pink,purple,blue,white,white and purple in the same rock ,brown,teal,red, orange and white in the same rock,black white and brown in the same rock and black and brown in the same rock . My favourite part of wookey hole was the gold rush we got a lot of gold and then got very very WET!!!!!!!!!! We found about 30 pieces of gold
A lot of gold . We went into the caves and we saw hairy cheddar cheese YUCK YUCK YUCK GROSE . We had an amazing day today . On Tuesday I will bring in my rocks on 7th of June 2016 !!!! Comment down below if you have been there and if you did enjoy it if you did not why?