The Holidays

In the holidays I went to Longleat. At Longleat I saw Macauley and his brothers. We done a pumpkin trail and found all the pumpkins so we got a lollypop I had a really good day at the end me and Beth went into the adventure castle.Also I met up with my cousins and went to Junction 21. It was really fun.When I went trick or treating I dressed up as a warewolf. I got lots of sweets and after we all watched a scary movie in the dark called The ghost busters. Yesterday i washed the van with my dad and my cousin came over.Then me and daddy went to the farm shop for fish and chips it was really nice. We watched the Longleat fireworks and they were really good but they looked like they were coming forwards so i got off my daddys shoulders. Later I am going to a Halloween party and I am really looking forwards to it.

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