Victorian Harvest

Berkley School is celebrating its 150 years anniversary and this week we held our annual Harvest Festival. This year it was a Harvest Festival with a difference because it had a Victorian theme. Everyone dressed in Victorian style costumes and the songs and hymns originated in the Victorian times. Everyone did very well and it was particularly great to see the Reception children stand up after only such a short time at school and sing several songs and tell the story of The Little Red Hen with actions.

The church was packed with parents and grandparents, other family and friends and it was a really enjoyable service.

In the afternoon we invited past pupils, parents, teachers of the school to enjoy the service. Two past Headteachers, Miss Morgan and Mr Packer were able to attend which was lovely. One past pupil was aged 93 and he watched the 4 year olds as they performed enthusiastically.

Feedback from the visitors was very positive and the children gained so much from the day.

Our next exciting event is on Wednesday 19th October. It is an evening of music and poetry, games and ‘drill’ in the main hall at Selwood Middle School at 6.30pm. Do come along – it will be great fun!

Mrs White

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