We miss you Hattie! xxxx

Dear Hattie
All of badgers here. We hope you are having a brillant buzzing time!
We have (lots!) of questions we would like to ask you.
Yasmin: Have you seen a Koala Bear yet? and could you please bring one back with you!!
Lily:Have you seen a crocodile when you went down the Great Ocean Road? What other foods have you tried?
Mrs Perry: Did you ride the Stagecoach in Ballarat?
Charlie: What did the kangaroo taste like? We are all wondering!
Kian: Did you go fishing on the Great Ocean Road?
Archie: Can you tell us more about the Great Ocean Road please?
Leon: Did you enjoy the water park? What was your favourite ride?
Lily: Have you or will you see a Great White Shark?
Leon: Where are you staying at the moment?
Yasmin: Have you been on a glass bottom boat to see the coral/ sea creatures?
Miss Pennington: What is it like seeing your family for the first time?

Please please pleaaasssseee bring the sunshine home with you!!
Hope you are safe from the bush fires.
Have an amazing rest of your trip!

From all of us in Badgers


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  1. Yas- No not yet, we are going to a Koala sanctuary this week.
    Lily- No I haven’t I am glad I haven’t! I have tried some different fish.
    Mrs Perry- Yes I did, it was smelly.
    Charlie- The Kangaroo was a bit sour. I didn’t like it but my dad did.
    Kian- No but we went in the rock pools and I found pretty shells.
    Archie- It has lots of curly and twisty roads.It is very big.
    Leon- Yes I did enjoy the water park. The aqua racer and swings.
    Lily- No not yet. But I don’t want to see one.
    Leon- We are staying in a house in Torquay. Most house are Bungalows.
    Yas- No ,but I want to.
    Miss Pennington- It is wonderful to see them.

    Yesterday it was raining and 29 degrees. But today is sunny and it is about 22 degrees!!!

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