working memories presentation

When I first arrived at the cheese and grains car park I saw Maddie  in her car . so I got out the car and walked over to the cheese and grain with her.When we got inside we got took to a table with two people that we did not know but one person’s name was called Margaret, I did not know who the other persons name was.After we chatted for a bit Mel brought a big victoria sponge cake over and some small cookies and some small cupcakes over too. We had a feast. then we watched a film of how the book was made and two ladies went on stage and did a speech.Brinny came to our table and said we had to go up with the other girls and boys so we went up and we got sent to an adult with a tray and on the tray was the books that all the schools made.  We all went round the tables with our adults to hand out the books to the writers.  We had a lovely time.Then when we got sent back to our tables Margaret asked us if we would like to go for tea at her cafe in Lacock that she runs.

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