Rabbits Being Smart

We have been learning how to be safe when we are using a computer or iPad or phone on the internet. We read the story of Smartie the Penguin . Click here to read the story with your child.  Smart has problems with unknown messages ,pop ups and unsuitable games. He learns how to deal with the problems “You have to tell a grown up and ask them to help you “. We learnt a rhyme to help us remember and we have made a Smartie the penguin to take home. Hope you enjoy our video.

What we have learnt about e safety

If something pops up we have to tell a grown up.  Harrie

Don’t talk to strangers. Tilly

Don’t say your address or phone number. Sophie

Don’t tell people your password. Dylan

Don’t tell strangers your house number. Macauley

Don’t tell strangers your birthday. Sienna

Ask an adult if you are not sure. Tyler

Don’t tell strangers your name. Lilia

Only send messages to people you know. Mckenzie

Write good messages . Shrina

Send messages only to people we know. Jacob




Rabbits Today

We have been learning about the past,present and future.

These are some the things we did in the present.

Today we were time travelers.

Today we looked at 3d shapes.

Today we played with the parachute.

Today we had playtime.

Today we learnt about the present, past and future.

Today we made time traveler watches.

Today we played with the playdough.

Today we played with the sand.

Today we had singing assembly.

Today we had lunch.

Today we are going home .


Year 1 Rabbits

I like writing in our own books.


I like playing.


I like going swimming.


I like doing harder work.


I liked making Humpty Dumpty


I like going swimming


I like doing harder work


Now I’m a year 1 I can help look after ther reception


I like going swimming


I like helping the reception





Our Lesson with Iain Green

I liked the photographs of wild animals.


I liked taking pictures with the camera.


We went on the field to take pictures.


He showed us how to use the camera.


I took a picture of a flower.


Iain showed us pictures in assembly.Then he came to our classroom.


I liked the pictures of the animals


I took pictures of cows.


I liked taking pictures of the ivy.


Our Day at Windsor Castle

 ‘I liked it when we got off the coach and saw the soldiers’  Tiffany

‘ I liked the museum because it had things from the kings and queens and the throne’ Oscar

‘I liked it when we saw the coats of arms that all the knights had ‘ Ben

‘I liked it when i saw  all the soldiers’  Jessica

‘ I liked the bullet that shot Nelson ‘  Ruby

‘I liked it when we tried to find the throne’  Rebbeca

‘ I liked drawing the pictures’  Finley

‘ I liked the shields on the ceiling ‘  Rhapsody

‘I liked when we went in the castle’  Christopher

‘I liked seeing Queen Elizabeth sitting on a throne’  Holly

‘ I liked the Queen’s house’  Jacob

‘I liked making the picture of the castle’  Max