Christmas Production

The Christmas Productions are next week and everybody is working very hard!!! KS2 are planning a Victorian style production with singing, poetry and readings. It is a little different to our usual musical but it is taking shape well and I think eevryone will enjoy it!!!

Mrs White

Day trip out


On Wednesday I went to glastonbury and I walked up a hill with  a castal on it.I had lunch in a restront and I had a sosig and chips and peas but I only had the chips toby had the same as me and sam had chips  chiken nugets and a sosig and for pudding and I had two scoops  of strarberry ice-cream and toby had the same and sam had toffy with custed on it .After  that we looked at the shops and brout 4 candals.

maddie for tea

Tonight Maddie is coming for tea but first i’m helping Jo and Maddie  set up for the chrismas fair tomorow.After that  maddie and jo will come round me and  me and Maddie might play with my Sylvanian Family which are little animals with clothes on they have a car and a house.

My birthday has now arrived

Today is the 22nd of November and that must mean its my birthday.I am 8 today! I have had lots of presents my main present was a computer which am typing on now. Today I went to lyme regis. I had fish and chips at a pub.We all went onto the pebble beach. I found a big smooth pebble with a hole right in the middle which I am going to make a necklace out of it.

My day at Bristol

To day we had a girlie day out ,we went to bristal cinema and watched Ather Christmas,it was funiest film I had ever seen.After that we went to pizza hut,I had chesey macroni and zoe had a cheese and tomato pizza.



The oliver twist show

Today we are going to see oliver twist  at our school.I am so excited about it.We are moving out into the library.

Everyone was sqaushed until we were heading down from the library to see oliver twist with two ladies acting.When we got  down.

It was a wonderful show !!!

Maddie with help from Kendra and Evie


At play time


At play time Malachi,Daniel & Craig plaied tag.Malachi was on it most of the

time.The shed was homes and the fences was to.Craig wasn’t on it at all.

Daniel was on it  once. It was fun.

longleat trip

Today I am going to Holly’s party and we are going to longleat . But first my Nanny is going to take me and Georgia to Holly’s house. I am really excited!

Childrens shoe boxes

On Wednesday in church two ladys came into school to take the shoe boxes away to a very poor country somewhere in Africa.I put in some hair things flannels soap toys sweets toothbrush and toothpaste some colouring pencils and finally a notepad.I hope the children love there shoe boxes because we all put alot of hard work into them.

twin babies

My mum’s oldest friend Nic who lives in Canada had twin boys called zach and alex they are very cute. They were 8 weeks early so are very small and have  to stay in hospital for 7 more weeks.

Operation Christmas Child

Over the last few weeks my classroom has been filling up with shoeboxes wrapped in cheerful Christmas paper. These have been filled by Berkley families as part of the Operation Christmas Child project.

We know that not everybody is as lucky as us so we are always keen to take part in this project. This year our boxes are going to Liberia, which is a country in Africa. It is on the Atlantic coast next door to Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast. A civil war in the 1990s destroyed the economy and created thousands of refugees.

And of course many of these people are children who will not normally receive any gifts at Christmas.

This year will be different for at least 57 children because they will be receiving our shoeboxes containing pens, pencils and paper, soap and flannels, toothbrushes and toothpaste, scarves, hats and gloves [ for the cold nights – even in Africa!!], toys [I put a skipping rope in my box], sweets, hairslides and much more.

We have sent them this with all our love and we hope they enjoy the thrill of receiving these gifts from us, and the contentment of knowing that we have thought of them and care for them from thousands of miles away.

Have you made a box of love yet? If not there may still be time – or there’s always next year!

Mrs White

Victorian Trip to Bath

I was so pleased to read everyone’s blogs about the school trip to Bath. I thought the museums were really interesting and I am thrilled to see that the children did too!!!

At the moment Badgers are writing non fiction pages about the challenging jobs that young children had to do during Victorian times. Their ICT skills are developing well and they have been doing a good job with their research and presentation.

Mrs White

School Disco

Last Friday evening it was the school disco!!! We cleared out my classroom and the DJ arrived to set up. He soon transformed my room into a disco with lights and music and lots of fun! The lovely ladies of the FBS provided refreshments including some particularly yummy mini doughnuts for sale. There was facepainting and tattoos. Everybody had a brillant time, were fantastically behaved and we made lots of money for the school.

I can’t wait for the next one!!!

Mrs White

Glastonbury Carnival

I luvd the carnival it was grait.

Glastonbury Carnival

I had a lovley time, my sister was on my dads sholders , two of my firends were there, I took some pictures on my new camera and here they are.


i went to lily party we played lots of games. i almost got all of the golden coins because yasmin got 4 coins and zoe had 1 coin then we all played musicai bumps but we all sat down and   thats   and when the music stopped we all stood up as fast as we could but if you  didnt you    wouuld got sent to the groovy team and ruby won the whole game and she won a light up hair band.


i went to wells carnival there was little children dressed up as a heltershelter and there was lots of fantastic floats and lots of dancing and there was bright lights and we parked next to mrs langton and her mummy who was looking after her and I saw my god parents there and it was funny.


Mother Theresa

We were doing about mother Theresa this week.Mother  Theresa only had 30 pece .She made a street school and hospital.

The school disco

on friday there was a school Disco ! It was brilliant and I won a PRIZE and my friend holly had a PRIZE as well. Also i had a tatoo that looks like a bracelet and I had a facepaint which was some flowers.

Fairy Card

I got a fairy card today and its my birthday party tomrow we will be makeing party bags and we will have a treser hunt.

Longleat fireworks

On friday we went to longleat to see the fireworks. They were the best I have ever seen. I went with Mummy Daddy and Sophie.Mcfly were there it was brillliant and I saw  a man juggling  fire.















Our Victorian Evening

On Wednesday 19th October  we  had  a  show   it    was   a     victorian    evening   . We    had     one     practise    and     one     show. We   had   to    dress   up   as  a    victorian.   We  played    circle   games   and the  choir   sang   and   we  all   sang   as   well.  This   is   what   I  wore  a   white   hat  and  a   blue  and   white   dress   and  some   white    long   knee   socks   and      my    school   shoes . It   was   fun    at    the   victorian   show  my   mum   was   watching    the   show. I  was  proud  of     my    self      and   I    was   happy  as     well .

There  where  lots   of   peoaple   watching    me   and  my   class  even  babies   were   watching

typed   by   Aimee


I went to longleat and I saw fireworks there was loads of them they were really noisy . I went with my cousin called Clark.  I saw Mcfly there.

The Victorian School trip

On  Monday the 7th of November  we went to Bath on the coach. First we went into the  Victorian art gallery it was very interesting inside because there were lots of lovely old paintings. The best painting to me was the painting of a very rich girl called Sophia. We had lots of fun looking at things that may be found in a Victorian house. We also made some portraits of Victorian children in the past. Some of the other paintings were of old Tom Thumb and Charles Baker.Then we went to the fashion museum.There were lots of pretty dresses . The oldest dress there was the silk tissue dress.Then we went to the Bath at work museum it was very interesting and I enjoyed it so much!

Toy Museum

On the school trip we went to the toy museum. I played with the tea set.Next  I played with the wooden bricks.

Mother Theresa

I love doing about  mother theresa

because she gave all her  stuff to the poor people she only had 30p. Some people  left there children on the street and  mother theresa saved lots of  people.

The Assembly Rooms

I went on a school trip to the assembly rooms and I drew a picture of a rabbit and a old caraige.We played with building blocks .

Old Toys

I went to see some old toys like the victorians played with . There was a Knitting bear and there were soilders and they had funny hats on .When we went back I sat nexct to Rebbeca and we went back to shcool.

It was fun

I went  on  a  school   trip   with    my   class   and  my   class   and   me   went    to    the    toy    museum   and     on     the     way       I went  past  my  dads   fire  station  in     bath . It   was  fun  at   the   toy museum.




school trip

The school trip to bath was excellent. I really enjoyed the bath at work museum. My dads friend has given me a bottle with a marble in it that he dug up when he was a little boy, like the ones we saw today.

victorian museum

The trip was great. On  the bus we  played spot  the   cows.The best bit was when you could play with the toys and you could draw your favret toy I drew a knitting mole and a broken rabbit. When we got there we met  everybody and we had lunch together.

fire work display

It was great! the fire works were fab. my littler brother  was scared so we  stayed  in side and wached them  they were like tadpols shoting into the sky . they were like a rainbowin the sky.they made a sizzle and  a pop and a  bang.