Selwood academy open day

I had a look at Selwood academy the school I would like to go to in September next year .It was VERY exciting I was walking in and Mia and Eloise ran to see me . We saw two hand made racing cars . We got a big bag with a note book ,pencil ,mini ball,pen and a drink’s mat .we saw Charlie she came with us we went to the canteen for a taste of the school food it was very yummy,we explored the classrooms it was a very fun night at Selwood!!!

Regional championships

last weekend Finlay and I raced at the regional Championships in Exeter. It was Finlay’s first championship and He really wanted to finish on the podium. He rode really well and made the Final after getting two 1sts and a 2nd in his qualifying rounds. He tried so hard but just missed out on 3rd ┬áby half a wheel, I was very proud of him.

This was my 3rd championships and I had finished 2nd both times before. I was determined this time that was going to win it. Like Finaly I had 2 wins and a 2nd in my qualifiers and knew I had to give it all to stand a chance. The gate dropped and I snapped first and hit the first corner at the front. I led all the way and going intomthe last corner where my dad was standing, I wanted to shout to him the I was going to do it but I knew I needed to concentrate to the end. It was a great feeling to finally have the title and the SW1 plate.

Finlay’s holiday

During my Holiday i went to Belgium with my family. We stayed at a place called Molenheidestraat ( Like a Centre parcs). We had loads of fun, it had a great pool with massive slides and a huge indoor and outdoor play park. I watched Harri race which was fun and spent lots of time with my friend Jenson.

I raced at the British Championship when I got home and was really unlucky not to make the final against the top riders, just getting knocked out in the Semi finals. Really Happy to finish in the 12 in the country this year and hopefully finish even higher this year. I have been signed to the same team as my brother and am looking forward to next season.

Hope you all had a great time!!

Harrison’s holidays

During my holidays I was lucky enough to be selected to be part of the Great Britain squad to travel to Zolder in Belgium for the Bmx world championships. The weather was really hot and the track was inside “Spa” Formula 1 race circuit and we parked on the race track.
Daddy had told me that there was a big first jump and decided that if I wanted to do well I would have to jump it. In practice I hopped in and out of it a couple of times and then just went for it!
When it came to race day I cleared the jump and was leading my first race of the championships. I had a Japanese rider, 2 Belgiuns, Chech Republic, Netherlands,Spanish, and a Columbian. I finished 2nd in my first 3 races but made a mistake in the knockout stages and unfortunately got knocked out. I had a really great time and my best Bmx buddy became world champion!

When we got home I raced at the British championships, I won my first race and made it all the way to the semi finals against all the best British riders. I’ve had a great season except for a few crashes. I have signed for a new team next year and have a new sponsor, so I’m already excited about next season. Hope you all had a great Holiday!