Me and Rudy played frome town Robbin’s.  it was fantastic .  they scored an own goal.  it was 4-4 altogether.





Appeal for books

Does anyone have any spare childrens books just lying around? Also any comics/annuals/plays/childrens magazines that you are no longer using? We would love you to bring these items in as these would be of interest to the children at Berkley. Thank you for all of your support. Greg Banton.

Family picnic

Badgers class really enjoyed the family picnic and we thought it was really fun.  There were lots of exciting activities including making masks, orienteering, rugby passing, jumping over the bricks and many more. Sadly, because it was raining we had our picnics inside our classrooms but it was still fantastic! It was amazing showing everyone the cute, furry rabbits. We enjoyed showing the guests that included our friends, parents and siblings around the school. In the church we enjoyed listening to the poems from Rabbits, Squirrels and Owls. We also enjoyed reading our own!!


Hello from Luke

Hello Owls. I just want to say hello to you all. I have a cast on my leg to help it. I chose to have a red cast, it looks like a candy cane because it has white tape around it. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your school trip, how was the zip wire? I hope to come on Friday for the school picnic and see you all x

Have fun Owls class!

Hope Owls class have a great residential trip!

We are thinking of you all, Eloise is gutted to be missing it, but is looking forward to seeing you all next Monday & sharing all your exciting stories!

Have fun!!


Tuesday the weather was so nice my mum took me and my two best friends to Longleat for the day! I held a snake and a tarantula, the snake was smooth but bumpy and the tarantula felt soft and hairy Her name was Amber. There were lots of giant eggs hidden around Longleat, we found lots and I loved the humpy dumpy and batman ones! When we fed the tropical birds, they landed on our heads and one even pooped on my mums friend, it was so funny She was not impressed! We finished off with a nice big ice cream and a drive round the safari to see all the lions and tigers sunbathing!

i hope all my friends and teachers have enjoyed their Easter holidays!



A big smiley hello from Australia!

I hope everyone is having a great Easter holidays?!

We are in Australia! We had a very long flight here & we were all very tired, but we’ve been here for 8 days & we have settled in very well!

We have done lots of wonderful things, been to lots of lovely places including beaches, parks & costal walks! I have seen my sister, brother-in-law & my little nephew, which is so exciting, as they have moved here & I haven’t seen them for a while!

The weather has been very good too, lots of very warm sunny days, perfect for barbecues & watching some amazing sunsets!

See you all school soon!


Mrs Rushton xx

Greetings England from Australia!

Greetings England from Australia!

We are having a fantastic time here. We go to the beach lots, my favourite is Mullerloo where we swam with Daddy in the waves. I was nearly washed out! We miss all our friends and family!

Year 4s have a great residential trip!

Hello Squirrels

Hello Squirrels class.

It is great here in Australia. I am playing with my cousin Noah lots. My brother Rio tried to talk to some parrots but they didn’t reply! I love Hillarys, the beach and harbour and have been swimming lots. Eloise was a bit afraid at first but we have learnt to be safe in the water and daddy has bought us some floats. Hopefully I will have a tan when I come home!

Easter Holidays

I went to Bournemouth for Mummy’s birthday, we stayed in a hotel.

We went to the arcade and Daddy won a teddy for Reece and I.

I had a Beanie Boo called Ice Cube and Reece had a monster. We went to play on the sand and Reece sat in my hole.

We had a lovely time in Bournemouth.

Wales holiday

In Wales, we went to Caernarfon Castle. I made a medal. The castle was amazing.

We went to Chester Zoo, we saw giraffes, crocodiles, elephants, deers, a Komodo dragon and lions. My favourite animal was the lion.

I had a lovely time in Wales.

Easter poem

  • Easter’s time for chocolate eggs
  • A baby chick is hatching
  • Spring bunnies are hopping like mad
  • Triumphant easter egg hunts
  • Excited lambs run like crazy
  • Rejoice in the lord