At bristol

I went to at bristol with Zoe,Polly,Ruth and Mum.At bristol is a masive science place.We all made some butter , even the mums made butter and we had it with some crakers.

my caravan

I went to my caravan and  me and  sophie and dad went   swiming and i went underwater.

School Trip

At the market there were lots of  difrent types of fruit and here is a list of them apples cherrys melon avkardos tomartos onions.Also there were fish.

New kittens

When I got three more kittens i was very exited. It was a secret from Rich. I have 10 cats now.






My new chickens

When we got our new chickens I let some out the crate. I stroked one on the head. It laid an egg and I nearly stood on it and it was very warm. I held on to it then I put it in side and told mum.


At grandmas

On friday I went to my grandmas and Bella was there. And after lunch Henry rode on his bike from london and we went to watch Disbicable me. After that we had a bbq.

at the school trip

At the school trip we went to the cows and a man was speaking rile fast it was rile cool and on the way back we went in the mini bus.

On a school day

We went to a school trip to Standerwick merket to see food.We saw  cows being sold and peolpe buying then.Next we saw a cow run fast and fast going again and again.I saw goat.We went back to school.

Standerwick market.

Today    i     went      to     standerwick     market      and     I      saw      lots      of         fruits    and      vegetables . Also I  saw cows  and calves being sold.


On a school trip

We went on a school trip to the Standerwick market. We saw some fruits and vegetables which came from some other countries and this country. Next we saw a man trying to sell some cows. He was talking really quickly. It sound like he was talking rubbish and he dropped his stick then he stopped at once.

Sports’ Day

What  glorious weather we were blessed with this afternoon for our Sports’ Day. As always it was brilliantly  organised by Mrs Langton with her team of Year 4 helpers.  The FBS with extra parents helpers put  on another fabulous cream tea and the event was well attended by the parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles.

The children were very sporting and enthusiastic and it was great seeing the winners receive their medals on the podium.

The only cloud for me was that it was my very last Sports’ Day at Berkley !

Albufeira the rest of the week

We went to the marina where all the boats are docked.One day of the week Mummy,Daddy and Grandad went on a boat ride to see some caves.Another day Mummy bought us a blow up crocodile to play on in the pool.Sadly it got a puncture so we bought a blow up dolphin as well.On one day we went to the beach.That was nice.Some evenings we went to a restaurant.The food was lovely and for a pudding I had a pancake which was covered with chocolate and strawberries.Daddy was jealous!When we went out for lunch one day I had a giant ice cream for my lunch!

The Algarve was a great holiday!

Maddie xx

Albufeira in the Algarve travelling and day 1

We had to drive to Manchester on Friday.We had to drive there to be closer to the airport.We were going on holiday to Albufeira  which is in the Algarve.Manchester is where my Auntie,Uncle and cousin Isaac (who is 3) live, they were coming too..My Nana and Grandad were coming as well.My Nana and Grandad met us for lunch at a place called the Beef eater.We had a nice lunch and lots of chips!Soon we left to go to my Auntie,Uncle and Cousin’s house.After that we found our hotel and our room.We had a nice dinner and then we had to go to sleep.

The next morning we woke up to get to the airport a lady took our suitcases and they went down on a bumpy thing.Soon it was time to get on the plane.When we were coming down Mummy squeezed my leg really hard for the bump,bump,bump bit!We found our suitcases and then got in a taxi.We arrived at our villa.It was called Villa Mimosa.We had our own private pool.I unpacked and then got in the swimming pool.The pool was freezing cold but I was the bravest about the temperature! 

Maddie xx


We went to the Algarve. The villa was nice. We had fun in the swimming pool and went to the beach one day.We had to wake up at 3am to go home.