Apple store trip

Badgers had a wonderful trip to the apple store. We learnt how to use i-movie and we created some fascinating movies!!

BMX racing in Paignton

On Sunday I went BMX racing in Paignton as part of the South West Regionals. I raced for the Bath BMX team. I took part in 3 races and then 1 final. I came 4th, crashed in my 2nd and came 4th again in my 3rd race. In the B final I came 1st place against 1 other racer. My Mum, Dad and Brother called Joel came down from the Bath tent to cheer me on. My Mummy came up to the gate to help me balance on my bike before the start. The race begins by a recorded commentator saying “Ok riders, random start, riders ready, watch the gate” there are 4 beeps and the gate drops down, the race begins. Whilst we wait for our race to start we stand altogether in our correct pen. We know which races we are to take part in because race sheets with our names, plate and race numbers go up for everyone to see. When you are racing a man calls your name out to the crowd to let them know what position you are in. After Id done my racing because I raced near a beach I asked my mum and dad if we could go to the beach and they said “Ok”.  So then me and Joel were happy so we started to walk and when we got there I saw my racing friend called Fintan and we played and he went into the sea and we went to our house “bye” we said wave.