I like playing tag with my sister at home in the garden. I liked going to center parks.

My Cat

I like my cat. She is called Molly. I like to cuddle her. She eats cat biscuits.


we had bbq at grandmas. it was fun. we had the paddling pool out.


i went to jessica’s for a bbq. I had a roll with chicken dippers ,beef and sausages. it was fun.

Tuesday At School

On tuesday we went to see the olympic torch .My favert bit was seeing the torch. it had gold rings around.The fire wont go out until  it gets back to greece.There was2 cocacola lorrys and some people ran past and we got to high five them.Next these two men went past on these stillts. they were on the stillts so that we could hear them and one of the men had to run down to the end and we had a practise so we had to cheer really loudly.I liked the bit when the men on stilts jumped I thought that there legs would be really achy when  they had been to loads of places.We went to the st johns church to see if it was like are are church or not.It wasnt like are church because it had a play area and there was an  old piano with lots of pullers.There was a play bit where jesus was on the cross and joseph and mary was there. there was  the cave where the the stone had been rolled away.

On Tuesday

on tuesday I saw the  olympic torch.

and it was really fun and when we where watching I was sat next  to Aimee and Issy and it was very fun and we all had lots of fun.

and at lunch time we had to eat are lunch in st johns school and at lunch time Isat next to Aimee and Issy again . my favourite part  was that we saw the olympic torch.

Seeing The Olympic Torch

On Tuesday I saw the olympic torch.

my favirite car or van was the coca cola van and the gold bmws.On the coach I sat next to Ruby. At st jhons when we were having our   lunch I said to Mrs macey how do you push the chair in and she said ‘they are attached to the table and I laughed because I thought it was funny’ .The torch was gold and had gold rings on it.When it was coming it didnt feel like it was only coming through frome once.

The Long Wait !

when we went to see the torch we had to wait for a long time. then two men came on funny looking things .then moterbikes came. then vans came .one was a coca cola van which had drum things and a green van had a green thing which was a stick with green ribbons on it . it was amazing to see the torch but it had a little flame! we had lunch with a different school.

Exciting Day

On Tuesday the shcool went down town to watch the olympics torch. first we whent to st john’s school to put our lunch boxes and then we all went d0wn town . the best bit of the day was when the olympics flame came down the hill. it was exciting.


when we  went to the  olympic  torch we had to wait   a  long  time and i got  hot.   there  was  a man and  a lady in a cart .when we saw  the olympic torch.  it was amazing.

Great Fun

when we went to see the torch it was really fun . i got a green twerly ribbon but the man dropped it on the road then i picked it up. i thought the  torch looked really cool i.t was shiny. it was golden. when the torch came i was really excited .then we had  are lunch with another school.

The olympic torch

When we went to watch the olympic torch it took ages to come .we got very hot. Our grown up said it was going to be 20 mins but after a while it was a another 20 mins but then finally it came. it was a boy holding it when we watched it and we had some shakers to shake and  we  got some green things but only some people got them and I got one of them . i liked it

I went to town

When i went to town and went to see the olympic-torch. i saw two men on bownsy stilts. what i felt when i saw the torch was excited and happy.

Pedro Puppy

I am very excited. This Saturday, me, Mummy and Daddy are going to get a new puppy. He is a Boxer and I am naming him Pedro. He will be a friend for Lola, our sausage dog.


On monday we went to choose a kitten to have and there are 2 boys and1 girl.But then we desided to have 2 kittens.Next monday we are going to pick up the kittens and take themhome the boys  are called  Patches & junior and the girl isTINK AND WE MIGHT GET Tink & Patches