my life:)

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! I’m Gracie and this is my second blog , I bet your thinking “where‘s the first?”

It’s called MY NEW YEARS, if you want to see it.

But today is a new blog LET’S GET WRITING!!!!!!

FIRST thing, my year: year four My favourite food: PIZZA and anything CHOCOLATE My favourite film: wish!!!! My favourite animal: DOGS PUPPYS DOGS PUPPYS…I could go on forever ( would) My favourite number:5 My favourite colour: purple!!! What clubs I do: ballet, swimming, musical theatre, blogging ( obviously) Bye:)

New Years Eve

On new years eve I went to my friends home who lives down the road. Annabelle came too. We played Roblox together. On tv there was a countdown from 10 to one seconds until midnight. I filmed some of it. It was amazing.

New years Day

  1. SINCE I WAS BORN IN STEEPLE ASHTON we all ways go to celebrate with them for the New Years day. Most of the people that we celebrate with are related with me. Last year we celebrate at my sisters godmothers house. IT WAS SO FUN!!!!!!!

One New Years day a few hours before I played a game of fc 24 with my friends. Me and my friend were on a team.


In the night my mum woke me up at 2am I was SO tired I screamed loud in joy. I was sooo exited so I sprang to my feet . I got in comfy clothes so I brushed my hair my hair was so curly. I brushed my teeth and I had a yummy bagle and I had some water and I got in the car with a comfy blanket. It was so soft. We had to get to Bristol airport and it took 1 hour. My tummy felt funny. It was sooo dark outside in the sky. We got into the airport. THERE WAS LOTS OF PEOPLE I WAS SUPRISED. I took my luggage and when I got on the bus and there was like 1000 people. It looked so cool. My body was so squished and my sister Phoebe was swished too. I didn’t know that though. WHEN WE GOT HERE I RAN with my family. We managed to get though all check in and we are having yummy breakfast and i had smoothie and banana and it was so yummy. I got so exited I was sooo happy and we were nearly here. IT WAS TIME TO GET ON THE AEROPLANE. wooohooo. I ran so we didn’t miss it and we got on. I was so happy 2 hours the plane. I made friends there and so much more THE END ..

My Christmas Eve

I had a party with my Grandad and Grandma. I had lots of yummy food. Santa came and in the

morning I opened lots of presents .My favourite present was my floor football .

At Christmas Time

On Christmas eve I opened my Christmas eve box. I had a pair of pyjamas and a hot chocolate bomb. A two new story books and I wore my new pajamas’ to bed. Then I woke up at 5-15 am because I was so Excited. Then I went down stairs so I could open my new presents. I went to my granny’s house for a roast dinner and then I got to open even more presents. Then I went to play with my new toys and then I put my pyjamas on. I went to bed. I also enjoyed my family getting there presents too.

My Christmas

My Christmas was fun and I got a guinea pig. On Christmas day I saw my sack was full. I opened my presents . Christmas is special time to celebrate Jesus being born. His birthday is on December 25th,when we celebrate Christmas.

The Tooth Fairy Blog

This is my first blog about the tooth fairy. On the 23.12.2023 I lost my first tooth. I put it under my pillow and then the tooth fairy came. She gave me a £2 coin and a card. She also took my tooth.

At Christmas

I got a new football kit it was a Manchester city one. When I got it I wore it the first time. I got it for Christmas I was very happy !!!!! As ever I couldn’t believe it!! . It was blue and black like stripes and it was all black . It had a pink puma sign on it.

I had a lot of fun. My cousins came round and Nanny and Grandad for tea and we had Chinese and played for a bit.

My new years

On New Years eve I stayed up until 12:00 so I could be awake for 2024!!! Then on new years day I went to Nandos and then went to the shop. MY FIRST DAY OF 2024!!! Do you want to know what I got for Christmas? Most of all I got joy and love but as presents I got air dry clay, (it’s like playdough) new shoes, (they are boots as well, they are also doctor martin’s) a new owl alexa AND a lol bracelet kit, those are my top 4. BBBYYYEEE!!! 🙂 SMILEY FACE!!

Christmas and New Year

My christmas and new year this year was one of the best ones yet!

Unlike last year, when things were NOT so great but I’m not talking about last year, I’m talking about this year.

I dont know where to start!

Okay, here we go.

The first thing I did to celebrate christmas was:

I went to the roller disco at the cheese and grain. I loved it so much!

The second thing I did to celebrate christmas was:

I went to my mums friends house!

The third thing I did to celebrate christmas was:(christmas day)

I went to my Grannys house with ALL my cousins! 🙂

The fourth thing that I did to celebrate christmas was:

I went ice skating at bath on ice!

Now were at new years eve.

My friend Millie came round to my house with my Mums friend to watch the count down and I stayed up to 12 o clock!:)

So that was my christmas and new year!

Hoped you liked it

Byeeeeeee! 🙂

Its 2024!