Heavens gate

I went to heavens gate on Sunday the 15th of November.

It was really fun because at first me and Freddie got our wellies on and walked in really deep puddles we went in a really deep one.Freddie  had to get out because his wellies were too short because it was so deep. After that we started walking and Ava was asleep so we had to walk slowly then we reached a rope swing and I went really high and I met a little doggy and then a lot more kids came and dad said “I’m not pushing all these kids!”

Then we started walking back and before we did I went in a bush and there was only one way out which was the way we went in but I wanted to find my own way out so I charged into the side of the bush  and I got hurt a lot but it was very fun!

Then we took our wellies off and dad had to carry all of us into the car even mummy then we all went home and had a nice cup of tea!



Frightening fireworks
I sat in the car
Really loud bangs
Each one was pretty
We enjoyed some
Only the screamers were good
Rockets were noisy
Knowing we were very far away made me feel safe
Surely next year I will be more brave

Dance Show

On Saturday 31st of October Me and my sister starred in a Bojangles show at the Merlin theatre. Every two years we do it.Our dance teacher Nicola chooses one person from each group to have a trophy. In Rosie’s ballet class Rosie got it and in my balletclass my friend Maisie got and in my tap class


I went to a bojangles ballet,street,tap and breakdance show.I won a trophy.

I danced to frozen and thriller.I liked it very much.It was very fun.I liked my dress very much.It was very pretty.

What am I ?

I am green , I grow on a tree and when I’m ripe I change colour to brown and purple!!!!

What am I ?????????

My Holiday in Wales


We  went to Raglan Castle. The steps in the tower took a long time to walk up. When we got to the top we could see all the cars going by.

Dressing up as a mummy on holiday. We played some games and ate sweets yum-yum, at the Halloween party.


Apple bobbing.


We went away for the weekend, thats why my post is called weekend!  We stayed in a barn with Jane, Anthony and Pip the dog.  We went to Worcester and fed the swans. We went to Adams farm park and carved a pumpkin. There was a tennis court at our barn, we played tennis.  Here are some pictures.

What am I Poem

No skin,
Some get put in the bin,
But not this one,
I had a son

Now it’s Halloween,
I,m sure you have seen,
Hanging at the door of someone’s home,
Scary and alone

But that’s not me,
I just want to be free,
To have back my flesh,
And not be such a mess

I lay in the ground cold,
While others are getting old,
Soon they will be like me,
And then you will see…….

What am I?